Icelandic Companies

The Main Business Opportunities in Iceland

Iceland has created quite a name for itself as a country filled with natural beauty, friendly people and incredible artists. What you might not necessarily know is that it’s also a nation with some fantastic business opportunities just waiting to be exploited.  In the past millennium, Iceland has transformed from a nation of people constantly fighting famine and natural disasters;

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ORF Genetics

ORF Genetics – what you should know While we grapple with a pandemic and the only thing that has really managed to bring some winter cheer into our lives is the news of the successful trial of several vaccines in some countries, one really wonders how far science has gone. And if there is one way to end 2020, it

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CCP games

CCP games CCP or ‘Crowd Control Productions’ was established in 1997 in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is a leading international game developer that has been lauded for its creativity, game design, innovative user-driven game play narratives, and it’s extremely close and interactive relationship with its player community. Renowned for the critically praised MMO EVE Online, CCP has also created DUST 514,

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DeCODE Genetics – Decoding the human genome

deCODE genetics is one of the best-known companies in Iceland and a global leader in researching the human genome. It is a pharmaceutical company found in the year 1996 and is based in Reykjavik. They specialize in identifying, treating, and preventing diseases by studying the variations in the human genome related to general diseases. They aim to use population genetics,

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In 1971 Össur Kristinsson, a prosthetist created Ossur. He was from Iceland. Since 1999, Össur was made public by the Iceland Stock Exchange by the members that owned the company. Össur focused its expertise and skills on individuals for making them secure, healthy, and mobile, irrespective of threats to their lives or conditions. The goal of Össur is to enhance

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Kerecis – Overview In the internationally expanding cellular therapy and infection prevention industries, Kerecis is a leader in the use of fish skin and fatty acids. The fatty-acid-rich intact fish skin of Kerecis protects the tissues of the body and helps it to regenerate tissues. The sprayable topical and oral fatty-acid formulations of Kerecis protect the body from bacterial and

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Omnom Chocolate

If the idea of celebrating this year’s Jólabókaflód or ‘a flood of books’, (an Icelandic Christmas Eve tradition) wrapped in a cosy blanket with a warm drink and some chocolates to bring in the festive cheer sounds just about right to you, then read on. Icelander take their sweets very seriously and Omnom chocolate is one it. Considering its chilly

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Iceland Biotech Companies

Iceland is home to several thriving industries. Traditionally this little island nation in the North Atlantic has been a hub for the fishing industry, but that has changed in the last half-century.  For almost a thousand years, Iceland’s people relied on fishing and ocean-driven trade as a source of income. At the start of the 20th Century, Iceland was actually

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