In 1971 Össur Kristinsson, a prosthetist created Ossur. He was from Iceland. Since 1999, Össur was made public by the Iceland Stock Exchange by the members that owned the company. Össur focused its expertise and skills on individuals for making them secure, healthy, and mobile, irrespective of threats to their lives or conditions.

The goal of Össur is to enhance mobility for people. This is the biggest commitment of the organization in creating a sustainable world. The products of Össur have led to the unrestricted lives of many individuals. Ossur helps people ensure their chances are not reduced because of accidents or incapacity through its line of creative goods. Össur aims at contributing to a healthier world and at mitigating its environmental effects.

Products of Össur

The company works in three markets; they are compression therapy, bracing and protection, and bionics technology, such as prosthetics. It produces a variety of braces for arms, legs, as well as torso and support products. Products consist of Unloader One, a brace that offers mechanical support to minimize osteoarthritis-induced knee pain. It is intended to isolate the bones when there is damage to the ligaments and cartilage and to avoid further joint pain. The company also manufactures the CTi, a ligament brace for knees used in both recovery and injury prevention, and also cervical collars.

With the purchase of the French company Gibaud, Össur joined the field of compression therapy. Knee tops, bandages, tights, stockings, and stump socks are included in these products.


Össur produces limbs and joints, liners, sockets, locks, and sleeves for prosthetics. Its items involve Flex-Foot, a prosthetic foot constructed with carbon fiber, a component used for its flexibility and strength in the aerospace industry. Össur also makes the prosthetic Complete Knee, which has a “locking moment” that prevents the knee from collapsing when it is completely extended.


The bionic technology platform of the firm is intended to restore anatomical function disrupted by amputation through the use of smart structures in products that can react in a human-like manner. The products of the division include Rheo Knee, a swing and stance knee microprocessor device that uses AI technology, Power Knee, which acts as an integrated user extension, synchronizing motion to that of the sound leg utilizing motor power, and Proprio Foot, an intuitive and motor-powered foot unit. The Alfred Mann Foundation has created a prosthetic limb powered by integrated myoelectric sensors developed by Össur.

Their Products

Decreasing the ecological footprint of the products, Össur adopts a product-focused approach. It is created for sustainable development and intends to mitigate the environmental effect of the product over its entire life cycle. This includes from conception to manufacturing, application, and disposal.

Major targets supporting this objective:

  • Discover possibilities for circular business models
  • Material choices, recyclable and safe materials
  • Decrease plastics in final product packaging
  • Sustainable product development

Develop access to healthcare for amputees 

Overall, a bionic solution is given for just 30-40 percent of new lower limb amputees. The mean age is 65-70, with vascular deformities reaching 80%. Exercising can benefit instantly, and in the long term, daily activity can enhance the quality of life. Össur places specific emphasis on the production of goods that satisfy the needs of this age group.

Major targets supporting this objective:

  • Design and distribution of functional products for the elderly
  • Introduce and/or endorse clinical investigations for this user community based on clinical benefits associated with more practical products
  • Interact with market experts and decision-makers to secure access for this audience to more practical goods.

Eco-friendly Össur

It is working towards a carbon-neutral operation. Before actually considering offsetting solutions, Össur is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the quality of our use of energy and resources.

Major targets supporting this objective:

  • Reduce pollution from transport and freight for companies.
  • Enhance energy efficiency and look for choices for renewable energy.
  • Minimize waste and improve recycling.


Össur is an Icelandic company that designs, builds, and sells orthopedic non-invasive products, like bracing and supporting devices, compression therapy, and prosthesis. The business has branches in the Americas, Asia, and Europe and various suppliers in other markets. The headquarters are located in Reykjavík.