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CCP games

CCP games

CCP or ‘Crowd Control Productions’ was established in 1997 in Reykjavik, Iceland. It is a leading international game developer that has been lauded for its creativity, game design, innovative user-driven game play narratives, and it’s extremely close and interactive relationship with its player community. Renowned for the critically praised MMO EVE Online, CCP has also created DUST 514, a first-person multiplayer shooter set for PlayStation 3 in the EVE universe, and also EVE: Valkyrie, a PC, and PlayStation 4 tactical multiplayer first-person spaceship shooter. Besides, Sparc, an actual virtual sport for PC and PlayStation VR, and the Gunjack series, VR arcade-action CCP games for PC, PlayStation VR, Google Daydream, as well as the mobile platform for Samsung Gear VR, were also developed by CCP.

CCP goals

We see games at CCP as virtual worlds. They are all about developing interactions that in any other medium of media are unachievable. In a live and developing world, VR is mostly about real human contact and actual human emotions.

CCP promotes a greater degree of appreciation, dialogue, engagement, and collaboration between its staff and players than is normal in other game companies. Through this, CCP increases the quality of its products and provides an atmosphere for creativity to flourish that is exciting and tricky.


CCP Games


EVE Online is a spacecraft MMO powered by the group where players can play free of charge, selecting their direction from numerous choices. You can experience space-exploration in an ever-expanding sandbox, enormous PvP as well as PvE battles along with a growing player economy. Take part in several in-game careers and events spanning 7,000 star systems with hundreds or even thousands of other participants, involving war, politics, piracy, trade, and adventure.

2. Sparc- It is a vSport

Link and play in virtual sports or vSports – It is a special physical sport possible only in VR. Play a competitive experience quick and enjoyable. Throw, smash, block, and redirect VR gameplay in full body.

3. EVE: Valkyrie

Warzone is now a space shooter for the first person that provides VR quality. Immersion in a recent expansion into PC as well as PlayStation®4 – having a virtual reality is not necessary.

4. Gunjack 2: End of Shift

Indulge yourself in CCP Games’ all-new, immersive VR world of Gunjack 2: End of Change. This successor to the EVE universe’s widely praised and greatest VR shooter, Gunjack, is coming to the Samsung Gear VR, sending you to a deadly New Eden Outer Ring.

LIFE OF A GUNJACK- You’re not a fighter, you’re a survivor, you’re a scourge of prospective pillagers. You can lead the life of a Gunjack with a powerful arsenal at your side, defending the Kubera, its valuable items, and yourself, from the thieves threatening to knock the rig apart.

From where can one buy these games?

For your ease, all CCP titles are digitally accessible. On the website of EVE and Steam Store, you can acquire EVE Online. EVE: In the Steam Store, in PlayStation and Google Play, one can get Valkyrie, Gunjack, and Sparc based on the availability on the site.

What’s more?

EVE Fanfest and EVE Vegas are indeed the regular meetings of the awesome CCP spacecraft culture.

EVE Fanfest takes place in Reykjavík, EVE Online’s home, and of course, EVE Vegas is held in Sin City, where these North American players receive more coverage.


CCP has developed itself as the most creative digital entertainment company, earning multiple awards and gaining worldwide commercial success. CCP has since devoted everything to the growth of cutting edge gaming. CCP games are based on the idea of pushing the limits at all levels and breaking uncharted territory. This is nowhere more obvious than it is in their groundbreaking VR work, which we believe will play a significant role in, and even beyond, gaming in the coming years.