Swapp Agency hires you on behalf of your company, in countries where your company does not have a legal entity. We therefore make it easy for the company to hire, we also make it easy for the remote workers that can be employees, not contractors. With the EoR solution we are able to compliantly hire remote workers as employees on behalf of their Employers in those countries where the Employer is lacking their own entity. Swapp Agency takes on all employment responsibilities, manages payroll, taxes, compliance, etc., while you simply work remotely for your employer and receive your salary each month.


No, unfortunately we do not provide jobs. We are an EoR service provider for remote workers who have a job already. 

We cover over 170+ countries, so don´t hesitate to contact us. 

No, but our developers are building it as we speak. So stay tuned!

In some countries we can, send an email to info@swappagency.com and let us know your destination. 

We have finalised previous onboardings within 48 hours, so very quick!

Remote Workers

This is 100% free for remote workers.  


Please be in touch with a Swapp team member at info@swappagency.com and get a proposal. We can assure that we offer competitive prices and top quality service in all our countries.