Vinnuskipti ehf is an Icelandic limited liability company SWAPP has full right to give your information to a 3rd party with the sole purpose to hire employees on 3rd party behalf. When you register and create an account with SWAPP AGENCY, you are giving us your permission to process your personal data pursuant to conditions of this Privacy Policy.

SWAPP collects, stores, saves, distributes, compiles, uses, makes available to, etc. your personal data submitted by you when you sign up. The user has full access and control over this data SWAPP does not collect any personal data about you which is made available outside our website.

SWAPP has full right to use the information to contact the individual who registers through email or with a phone call. SWAPP may assess your skills, experiences, current location or other characteristics and express our preferences to the employers.

SWAPP may provide your profile to an employer even if you are not applying for that specific position. SWAPP never interviews for a job, but may do a “Verification Process” through personal email/phonecall to see if the individual fulfills the SWAPP standard and may request a document if an individual wants to become a verified member.

SWAPP does not use your registered social media data to analyze the individual, unless the individual allows SWAPP to do so. Personal data is only available to SWAPP and potential employers. Profiles are not open to the public and not searchable in search engines. We will not disclose your personal data to any other third parties or public authorities, except if the person requesting data has a legal basis for doing so pursuant to applicable law. Only employees of SWAPP have access to the personal data and they may access the data only for the purpose of finding job for individual.