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Energy Consultant in Iceland

Energy is a key sector of the economy in Iceland. The country adopted, very early, the ways to generate and consume clean energy and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. The country’s natural resources ensured that these efforts were successful. Geothermal energy is a major energy source apart from the hydroelectric power that is produced in Iceland. The country keeps exploring additional energy sources and energy consultant in Iceland is a much-coveted line of activity. The National Energy Authority functioning under the Ministry of Industry in the Iceland government engages consultants in the energy sector to advise them on various fronts.

The Different Areas Energy Consultants Work On

As an energy consultant in Iceland, you can be working on various aspects of the industry. The scope of work can include conducting studies on fresh sources from where energy can be produced. This will involve the consulting company engaging field engineers with appropriate equipment to go scouting for energy sources.

Energy consultant in Iceland

There are consultants involved in advising their clients on setting up power plants, whether geothermal or hydroelectric. This requires highly qualified engineers working on designing power plants. Some of them could be engaged in researching new technologies in the sector. Minor adjustments in the processes can result in the saving of millions of euros for the power producers.

Some companies can branch off into offering technical consultancy in the area of plant and machinery for energy production. Their support can be sought by the manufacturers of equipment for the power industry. There is a wide scope in this segment and manufacturers can export their products after meeting the domestic demand.

Some consulting work in the field can be on the methods of energy distribution and how to curtail losses there and so on.

The reality is that the industry can be served well if every energy consultant in Iceland makes some contribution to the development of new ideas.

Helping Foreign Investors in Iceland

Overseas investors may be interested in setting up energy companies in Iceland seeing the potential the sector offers. The consultants in Iceland already familiar with the requirements in the industry can offer their expertise in guiding the investors. These may include the preparation of feasibility reports for the investor. These are known as techno-economic feasibility reports (TEFR) and can be used by the investors to seek funding for the project as well. The consultant will provide the inputs on the projects in the energy sector in Iceland and what is required to execute them. They can offer their services to support the investor in taking the project to the next level once it is decided to go ahead.

Energy consultant in Iceland

Consultants in the field of energy are even capable of designing the complete power plants for the benefit of their clients. This can then be expanded to offering technical assistance to the energy equipment manufacturing industry. Energy saving is another lucrative area that can be worked on and suggestions offered to the industry by the consultants. The scope really looks vast and widening all the time.

The Consultant Can Play Many Roles

The energy consultant in Iceland can be of assistance to the government as well as the private industry in the field of energy management. They can work with the universities in Iceland in shaping the right kind of technical courses to produce skilled manpower for employment in the energy sector. Some of these technically qualified Icelandic youth may find their prospects in other countries also apart from their native Iceland.

Energy consultants, therefore, play a huge role in shaping the future of the energy sector in Iceland. The country has already developed into a model for producing green energy. In the years ahead, this can only witness more improvements.

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