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Talent in Iceland

Remote working has never been more important and broader across the globe. Due to Covid-19, the need for professional freelancers and top talent in Iceland was made a trend. Iceland stands-out internationally as a leading provider of an educated workforce. The workforce in Reykjavik Capital Area is well educated with 41% of the inhabitants achieving a university degree. In addition, Iceland is positioning itself as a prime location for sustainability experts as Iceland has developed a world-class energy matrix, with 99% of all electricity being renewable. These factors have paved the way for Reykjavik to become home to many of the most important datacenters of the world. Swapp Agency will be able to guide you throughout the process of getting in touch with talents in the country.

Iceland: A window to the jobs of the future

Technology has created a fundamental shift in the way businesses run and resulted in unparalleled opportunities. By outsourcing specific tasks where specialised niche workers are needed, companies can achieve maximum flexibility while saving significant amounts of money in hiring, training, office costs, etc. In this matter, Iceland is a window to the future.

Most Icelanders are multilingual, speaking English and a Scandinavian language and generally another European language for those with secondary education.

Iceland ranks among the top nations in the world when it comes to the availability of skilled labour and the availability of scientists and engineers. Professionals in all areas are available, with greater emphasis on sustainability-relating subjects and technological innovation. The hard part is to recognise and have insights into talents in Iceland.

An iconic example of this is Reykjavik Science City, which is an international hub specialised in energy and healthcare projects. With strong government support, an impressive academic network, advanced health care system and the country’s natural energy resources, the area offers great opportunities for knowledge-based industries such as biotechnology. Icelandic Professionals in the industry are among the best in the globe and we in Swapp Agency can be your nexus as we know the best of the best.

Choosing Iceland as the main location for international Datacenters is a particularly common decision. Today there are two international data centres offering their services in the greater capital area: these companies operate with a 100% sustainable energy business model by applying hydropower and geothermal methods combined with very limited cooling. Whereas Verne Global mainly focuses on customers with supercomputing needs, Etix Everywhere Borealis currently centres around the blockchain market. Among their clients are BMW, Datapipe, the gaming industry in general and Opera.

Iceland is a prime location for data centres as it combines proximity to its knowledge workers, educational institutions, and a well-connected international airport. Reykjavik Capital Area offers data centres the possibility of low operating costs. Iceland’s weather sees very little variation and keeps an average annual temperature of 5° C, enabling ideal data centre conditions and the appliance of natural cooling all year round, which lowers costs significantly. The industry claims Iceland to be among the very few places in the world, where data centres can operate with 100% sustainable green power and with a Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) of 1.03. If you are looking at Data Management professionals, we will be more than happy to assist you.

Freelance Iceland

Most Icelanders are multilingual, speaking English and a Scandinavian language and generally another European language for those with secondary education. Availability of scientists and engineers is among the highest in the world. By hiring talents in Iceland with Swapp Agency you will be getting one of the best cost/benefit relations there is. The best talents with an affordable investment.

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