The Main Business Opportunities in Iceland

Business opportunities in Iceland shown by a man exploring an Icelandic canyon at night

Iceland has created quite a name for itself as a country filled with natural beauty, friendly people and incredible artists. What you might not necessarily know is that it’s also a nation with some fantastic business opportunities just waiting to be exploited.  In the past millennium, Iceland has transformed from a nation of people constantly […]

What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency in Iceland

Cryptocurrency in Iceland with a Bitcoin symbol

You would have to have been in a coma for a decade to be able to say that you haven’t ever heard of cryptocurrency. It’s a term we’re all familiar with.  In the last few years, it has become such an essential topic to some people that even the finance report on most news broadcasts […]

What is a Hybrid Work Model? And, How Can it Work?

A zoom meeting under the hybrid model of work method

Several things have come out of the realities businesses had to face during the Covid-19 pandemic. A significant effect was that many enterprises were forced into remote work and discovered that it wasn’t a threat to their profit margins or productivity.  We redefined how we communicate, meet, plan and perform everyday tasks so that actual […]

Everything You Need to Know About Immigration in Iceland

A lake in Iceland with mountains in the background under a blue sky

I think all of us have had those moments at our figurative work desks where we stared off into the distance and thought about how we could make the most of our lives. Perhaps it’s been on a Thursday afternoon, when your lunch break feels like it happened yesterday and hometime seems like something that will […]