How to Relocate an Employee Abroad

How to relocate an Employee abroad? Are you going to set up remote workers in a foreign country? In this article, we are going to tell you what exactly employee relocation is, and who can provide you with global relocation services.

Let’s dive into the findings.

What Does Employee Relocation Mean?

Employee relocation or global mobility is the transfer of employees, their families, or even entire departments of an organization to a new location.

Companies usually split their relocation services into two parts: domestic relocation and international relocation or global mobility. The desired outcome of these two are identical: to move an employee from A to B. Though the actual services offered in each option do differ a little.

Here we’ll look at international relocation. This is where an employee and perhaps their family is relocated across a political border.

International relocation tends to be assignment-based. So, employees travel to another country for a fixed assignment duration and reside in a rental property rather than one that they’ve purchased. There is generally no selling or buying of property unless the international relocation happens to be permanent which is not that common.

Relocation packages are valuable recruiting tools, so you should consider them grabbing new markets.

We put here some typical elements that are frequently included in an international relocation package or policies: immigration application processing, temporary accommodation, area information guides, home search, school search, moving and storage services, travel management, cultural awareness, and language training.

Also, many organizations offer a lot of benefits sometimes managed in-house, such as cost-of-living allowance, tax equalization, assignment bonuses, and hardship allowance.

International transfers are usually more complex than domestic moves due to cultural and language differences. This is where HR departments find it particularly useful to outsource their programs to a relocation consultant or an Employer of Record that has local, on-the-ground knowledge and experience to support the employee through the relocation process.

So, why do companies provide relocation support?

Employee relocation can put a strain on business resources. So, many organizations must have clear and valid reasons for providing this support. There are a lot of reasons to relocate employees:

  • There’s a lack of suitable and qualified resources in the destination location;
  • To establish coordination and control of other sites;
  • To increase knowledge transfer amongst other sites.

If you’re considering exporting into new markets whether that’s through distributors or from a new site overseas, the most logical course of action is to send over one or two of your key employees. For how long depends upon your specific goals.

But make sure that you spend some time working out and considering what you hope to achieve, how you’re going to achieve it, and how much it’s going to cost the business.

Relocate Employee Abroad

How Can an Employer of Record Assist You in Relocation?

So, let’s say your company has a great new opportunity for your employee John to further his career with the job in Finland. He is very excited about the position and the idea of experiencing life in a new country. But he starts to think about all the things he will have to organize for him and his family in order to make the move: visas, a new home, school for the children, language classes, and what will his wife do in a foreign country.

How can you help him to accept the position and make the move without too much hassle?

Well, that’s where an Employer of Record comes in.

Having a single source to manage the relocation process is the key role of a relocation company. There are a lot of people involved in the process, so an Employer of Record brings this together to ensure the transferring employee has a seamless experience.

Ultimately, an Employer of Record is tasked with two clear relocation goals:

1. Alleviating anxiety. In other words, they exist to manage all the stress associated with moving by taking the burden off of the employee and their family.

2. Managing costs. An Employer of Record is a fiduciary to their clients, they are tasked with ensuring the relocation policy parameters are upheld, and they manage the budgets laid out by their clients.

So, Swapp Agency makes the seemingly impossible task of moving abroad possible. Our experienced team of consultants is standing by to assist you and your staff with a stress-free transition from their current location to their new home in a foreign country.

Relocate Employee Abroad

How Exactly Do We Work?

Swapp Agency takes care of everything you encounter relocating in a foreign country:

  • Immigration. We take care of visa and immigration formalities ensuring the process is smooth and successful.
  • Payroll, benefits, and compliance.
  • Housing. Based on the requirements, our consultant works with your employee to find them a new home which meets all their needs.
  • School and kindergarten. Family integration starts with the children feeling secure in their new environment. Our consultant will guide your employees through the process of finding a kindergarten or school.
  • Onboarding process. Starting a new position can take some time to adjust. But with our change management services, we offer you and your employee an efficient path to quick integration into the existing team.
  • Intercultural training. We help with intercultural training for employees and their families. We assist them in understanding their new home culture and workplace.

What makes Swapp Agency special is a single point of contact. You have one person taking care of you in every aspect of your relocation. Our consultants have personal experience not only with all the ins and outs of the official business but the personal and emotional side of relocating you and your family.

Relocate Employee Abroad


An Employer of Record can easily assist you in your relocation. Whether you’re hunting for a new home and need some financial consulting to relocate to a foreign country, Swapp Agency will take the financial stress out of moving and help ease your transition. If you’re interested in relocation, be sure to contact Swapp Agency by visiting their website.