Working for a Foreign Company in Finland

According to World Economic Forum, Finland is the second most gender-equal country in the world. Also, Finland and its capital Helsinki have achieved high rankings in international ratings in living standards, safety, and education. Is it indeed a very good place to live? Is it perfect for working remotely? How is it to be working for a foreign company in Finland?

Let’s find out!

Is Finland the Best Place to Live?

For a country with only 5 million people, Finland has contributed a massive amount to the global community. For example, enjoyed by Finn saunas are small rooms or buildings designed for people to experience dry heat sessions causing them to relax and perspire. The Finnish innovators are also credited with inventing the heart rate monitor, the operating system Linux, scissors, and even ice skates.

All of the nordic countries, including Finland, have been named the happiest place in the world. Some of their similarities include the Nordic model in which they combine capitalism and all the economic growth. It provides social benefits such as state pensions and income distribution.

Another reason is likely their outlook on life. With social philosophies, the Finns generally live a more relaxed life and focus on cooperation instead of competition which goes to show teamwork really does make the dream work. A low crime rate, world-class education in Finland, and a high standard of living also helped the Finns be happy.

Well, life in Finland looks good. Now, let us walk you through the basics of how to work for a foreign company properly, the benefits of working remotely, the various ways of finding a legitimate remote job in Finland.

Work foreign company finland

The Benefits of Working Remotely

For most of us remote work is our new reality. However, we have no idea exactly how long it will last. We can already see signs of whole industries going back to work and governments encouraging it to get the economy moving.

Half the people love the idea and they’re embracing it. They love the concept of more flexibility, more time with family, and less commuting. The other half of people can’t wait to get a break from those same kids, clear divide between home and work, and also, they miss the social connections with colleagues.

There is one fundamental reason why people decide to embrace this idea of remote work for the foreseeable future, and it all boils down to one simple idea – unlimited lifestyle design.

When you work a job that requires you to be in a certain place at a specific time, the way that you design your life has certain limitations to it. For example, if you work in central Paris, you have a limited number of locations where you can realistically live. On top of that, there’s also a limit to how much time you can be away from that given city. For some maybe it’s three weeks vacation, for others, if you’re lucky, it’s six.

Finally, if you’re not a morning person and you do your best work in the evening, a traditional 9 to 5 setup limits the hours that you prefer to work.

With a remote work setup, your lifestyle design options expand dramatically. You no longer have as many limitations on where you can live, how long you can be in a given city, or when you work.

Sometimes, the remote jobs are seen as uninteresting or limited. You either need to be online customer service or know how to program. We think this is how many people viewed remote work pre-Covid 19.

However, one of the only few silver linings to this global crisis is that it’s forced companies to test the waters of remote work. Something they would never have dreamed of before. That has translated into wider adoption of remote work as a legitimate option going forward, and thus creating many more opportunities for roles of all different types.

After working remotely, some people return to the idea of unlimited lifestyle design. The more options for you to live life on your own terms, the better.

Work foreign company finland

How to Work for a Foreign Company Remotely with an Employer of Record

The benefits of remote work are appealing. Maybe you want to see your family more often, get to financial independence quicker, spend more time skiing, or just work for a company that has flexibility built into their DNA.

If you like the idea of remote work, the next step is “where do I look?”

There are hundreds of remote working sites just one google click away. But there’s one website that can assist you to work for a foreign company in Finland, and that is

It’s an Employer of Record website that is naturally connecting people and global companies. In other words, it hires employees for legitimate companies and organizations in many countries around the world. Also, it navigates them through legal complexities.

Swapp Agency keeps a detailed and up-to-date database of international employment and HR standards. So, you can ensure we are meeting all global and local labor standards. In addition, with Swapp Agency, you will be pleasantly surprised at the diversity of roles at your fingertips.

Work foreign company finland

Wrapping Up

The remote work revolution is here to stay. Maybe, it is the future of work cheaper overhead, better access to global companies, lower turnover, more flexibility for employees to thrive.

And now we have a company like Swapp Agency who is helping remote employees work better and smarter. If you have been displaced or lost your job through the Covid 19 crisis and believed that remote work was not realistic, we suggest that you check out

In this article, we told you a bit more about how you can live in Finland and work for a foreign company remotely with an Employer of Record. We hope this information has been helpful to you. If you have any questions about legitimate remote working in Finland, contact Swapp Agency and work for anyone from anywhere.