Work Remotely in Finland

Every day, millions of people come to work and return home all over the world. The chance to do things in another way is an unattainable goal in most countries. But it’s possible in Finland. Finland showed impressive rates of remote working long before the pandemic. The country started its way to remote work from […]

8 Best Coworking Spaces in Finland

For those who are looking for a coworking space to drop in just for the day, or for local freelancers in need of a daily office, Finland offers a lot of beautiful options. According to Emerald Publishing, there are six coworking space typologies in Finland: collaboration hubs, incubators, shared studios, coworking hotels, public offices and […]

Top 21 Benefits of Working Remotely For Employers

A young woman working from home with her laptop on a couch

In the past couple of years, we’ve been in the midst of a massive change in how we work, most of us working remotely. Technology has evolved, attitudes have changed, and the ‘old 9 to 5’ has become less rigid and a bit more understanding that lives don’t have to revolve around work.  Remote work […]

What is Remote Work?

A remote worker looking at a sunset out the window

By the end of this year, almost every working adult in the western world will have had some experience with remote work. Some of us were forced into it, some of us had to change our dealings with colleagues or clients because they began working remotely. As a result, the current scope of what can […]

How to Pay Remote Workers

A person working remotely with a view of fjords in Iceland

The past year or so has completely changed life for so many people. Many of us have seen way more of our homes than we ever thought possible, and we have also longed for simple things like going to a restaurant or a concert. We have also changed a lot in the way we work. Zoom, […]

What is a Hybrid Work Model? And, How Can it Work?

A zoom meeting under the hybrid model of work method

Several things have come out of the realities businesses had to face during the Covid-19 pandemic. A significant effect was that many enterprises were forced into remote work and discovered that it wasn’t a threat to their profit margins or productivity.  We redefined how we communicate, meet, plan and perform everyday tasks so that actual […]

Can I Live in Iceland and Work Remotely?

A mountain in the Icelandic Highlands easily accessible for remote workers

Remote work for many of us used to be an alien concept. It was something that your super-intelligent software developer friend did that you didn’t really understand. It was something that your cousin did from Thailand for a big multinational corporation where he got paid in Euros and lived like a king.  Remote work used […]

The Idea of Job Swap

For some people, the term job swap is a strange concept, but the process is not as uncommon as you would think and is gaining momentum at a rapid pace, particularly amongst larger companies. However, in actual fact, it is also an opportunity that smaller scale businesses should consider as well. For instance, it’s usually the […]