Outsourcing Zasobów Ludzkich

You manage the business side and let us take care of the rest.

  • Recruiting, hiring and outsourcing employees.
  • Completion of employment paperwork, onboarding, background checks and verifications.
  • Maintenance of personal files.
  • Processing of salaries and pay packages.
  • Income tax management for employees.
  • Medical benefits / insurance management.
  • Indemnifying the organization of statutory legal obligations.

Other areas or functional activities other than those listed above can be outsourced as per client needs.


Quality candidates

Swapp Agency delivers professional, quality candidates with verified work experience.

Cost reduction

Swapp outsourcing solution can help lower recruiting and turnover costs, especially for short-term hires.

Talent pooling

Swapp Agency has a pool of talented people ready to work in Iceland which can reduce turnaround time.

Local rules and regulations experts

Swapp Agency’s team are experts on Iceland labour laws and standards. We guarantee to be fully compliant.

No advertising

Advertising is not cheap and usually a separate expense with recruiting efforts. Utilizing Swapp outsourcing solution will reduce this cost in this area.

Jesteś zainteresowany?

Swapp Agency’s outsourcing solution was created to give our clients greater flexibility and improved efficiency with a hassle-free HR management.