Finance consultation

Need financial consultation in Iceland?

Swapp Agency has connection to top banking and finance specialists in Iceland and has assisted foreign entities access the financial market in Iceland. The Swapp Agency finance partners has decades of experience, and its partners enjoy diverse backgrounds in the Icelandic market.

The Swapp Agency partners provides consultation on all aspects of the financial markets in Iceland and the operations of financial market participants, whether relating to regulations, negotiations, documentation, or other issues.

Some of the Swapp Agency clients include major international household companies

About Swapp Agency Finance service

The Swapp Agency partners has extensive knowledge of the Icelandic financial market,  political, and regulatory environment.

Swapp Agency strives for solutions for success and building a  long term relationship, built on trust and confidentiality.

Clients have direct access to Swapp Agency financial partners  which can provide consultation on all major markets in Iceland to bring you closer to your company goals.

Swapp Agency finance team covers these areas:



  • Representation in Iceland
  • Exploration of business and investment opportunities
  • Extensive local business knowledge and relationships
  • Corporate and individual finances
  • Premier legal councelling and representation
  • Currency matters
  • Capital markets experience
  • Real Estate research and perspectives, evaluation and sales
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Issues regarding implementation and preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Swapp Agency will match you with a specialized, local finance team based on your need. Inquire further to learn more about how we can provide a quicker and easier access to the Icelandic financial market.


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