CV/Resume Support

Why do you need one?

Your curriculum vitae or CV/resume is the first impression you make to a prospective employer and recruiters when applying for a job. It takes less than 10 seconds for a hiring team to review a CV and decide whether you have the qualifications needed for the position. Having a nicely formatted, easy to read and relevant CV is crucial in the job search process.

At Swapp Agency, not only do we review your CV, we forward it on to potential employers. We speak for our candidates and their qualifications. Your CV will also represent you and some assistance with its presentation can go a long way in a competitive job market.

Don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for a job and don’t have a CV ready or not too confident with the one you have? Let Swapp create one for you!

Just provide us some information and our recruiting staff will make a CV for you. It’s your CV to use regardless if it’s a job with us or elsewhere. We’re here to help you succeed in landing an interview and possibly a job in Iceland.

Want us to review and provide feedback for a CV you created – we can do that too.

Want to try to create one on your own? No problem, we will provide a template that you can start with, but we can also do it for you cheaper than the cost of a large pizza in Reykjavik. Although, we understand that sometimes you just can’t pass up pizza. We’ll leave it to you to decide.


Swapp Agency is an innovative recruitment firm in Reykjavik that focuses on helping people find jobs and companies to fill their openings in Iceland.

Swapp offers a range of services to their clients in operational support.

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