Professional Employer Organization – PEO in Iceland

Professional Employer Organisation – PEO in Iceland Have you ever wondered how major corporate giants manage all their administrative work like giving out salaries, ensuring medical insurance, rolling out employment benefits and pension facilities for its employees? Most businesses, big or small, run with the help of collaboration. After a point, to become a leader, it is very important to

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HR Consulting in Iceland

Human resources form an important part of any business organization. Recruiting people for the various functions and handling their requirements are of a special nature. Professional agencies have taken over these responsibilities and they are all clubbed under one category, HR consulting in Iceland. This is an all-encompassing field. It goes beyond just handling the recruitments of personnel on behalf

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Sales Manager in Iceland

A sales manager’s function is very important to any business, small, medium, or large. It is only through the orders generated through the efforts of the sales manager that the business thrives. The management in most organizations therefore assigns a lot of importance to the process of selecting sales managers for their respective companies. In terms of the job profile,

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Executive Search in Iceland

Organizations keep looking out for skilled and committed manpower and many qualified people are desperately searching for the right organization to work for. The bridge between them is the executive search firms. The field of executive search in Iceland is quite evolved. There are specialist agencies like Swapp, who understand the precise need of their customer organizations and recommend suitable

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Augmented staffing

Iceland’s unique economic, environmental and educational characteristics have provided her with a great number of engineers and technology developers which can enrich your staff with the talents your projects require. Thanks to modern technology, staff augmentation has become one of the leading models of outsourcing in the world, providing your company with the required abilities without the hassle of recruiting

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Employer of Record in Iceland

Employer of record If you are running a business and you want to have the option to hire employees all over the world, without HR and payroll hassle then Employer of Record service might suit you. Setting up a legal entity in a country and employ staff in foreign country invites a lot of efforts and problems. Managing  taxes, governmental

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Startups in Iceland

One of the effects that the economic crisis had on Icelanders when the unemployment rate increased to 9% was evoking the entrepreneurial spirit. Fortunately, through this difficult period of time, many used it as an opportunity to tap their creative sides with original ideas, which, in return, have nurtured the growth of the country’s startup ecosystem. The foundation was already

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The Idea of Job Swap

For some people, the term job swap is a strange concept, but the process is not as uncommon as one would think and is gaining momentum in large companies. Nevertheless, it is something smaller scale businesses can consider as well. In essence, the idea is an opportunity to work in a similar firm as your own, but with a new

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Job Interview Prep Tip

More often than not graduation means entering a new stage in life, one where the “bubble”–the comfort of going to classes, doing a paper or passing an exam–“bursts.” Suddenly it is time to look for a job. And finding a good job in a competitive market might sound like science in its own right. Fear not. Where should you begin?

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How Jobs Are Changing all over the world

Our lives are made up of quickly evolving moments, where change and reinvention are indented in every segment of society, and that does not exclude the working world. As soon as we get accustomed to one reality, we are immediately thrown into a new one. Jobs are changing, that´s a fact. If the television, dial phone, or cinema were some

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