How to Recruit and Retain Top Talent in 2021

In 2021 the landscape for recruitment is much different to what it was about 40 years ago. In the 70s and 80s, the trend was that people decided what they wanted to do, studied or gained experience, then got a job in that industry and aimed to get promotion after promotion until they retired. The game of ‘Life’ was pretty

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Can I Live in Iceland and Work Remotely?

Remote work for many of us used to be an alien concept. It was something that your super-intelligent software developer friend did that you didn’t really understand. It was something that your cousin did from Thailand for a big multinational corporation where he got paid in Euros and lived like a king.  Remote work used to be this mythical thing

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Moving to Iceland After Brexit

Whether you supported it or not, Brexit happened, and we are now living in a post-Brexit world. The freedom of movement once enjoyed by those who hold a UK passport has been permanently changed, and there are new ways of going about things we never really had to think about before. The UK relations to Iceland has changed.  One of

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Professional Employer Organization – PEO in Iceland

Professional Employer Organisation – PEO in Iceland Have you ever wondered how major corporate giants manage all their administrative work like giving out salaries, ensuring medical insurance, rolling out employment benefits and pension facilities for its employees? Most businesses, big or small, run with the help of collaboration. After a point, to become a leader, it is very important to

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HR Consulting in Iceland

Human resources form an important part of any business organization. Recruiting people for the various functions and handling their requirements are of a special nature. Professional agencies have taken over these responsibilities and they are all clubbed under one category, HR consulting in Iceland. This is an all-encompassing field. It goes beyond just handling the recruitments of personnel on behalf

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Sales Manager in Iceland

A sales manager’s function is very important to any business, small, medium, or large. It is only through the orders generated through the efforts of the sales manager that the business thrives. The management in most organizations therefore assigns a lot of importance to the process of selecting sales managers for their respective companies. In terms of the job profile,

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Executive Search in Iceland

Organizations keep looking out for skilled and committed manpower and many qualified people are desperately searching for the right organization to work for. The bridge between them is the executive search firms. The field of executive search in Iceland is quite evolved. There are specialist agencies like Swapp, who understand the precise need of their customer organizations and recommend suitable

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Augmented staffing

Iceland’s unique economic, environmental and educational characteristics have provided her with a great number of engineers and technology developers which can enrich your staff with the talents your projects require. Thanks to modern technology, staff augmentation has become one of the leading models of outsourcing in the world, providing your company with the required abilities without the hassle of recruiting

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Employer of Record in Iceland

One positive thing to come out of recent times is the realisation that you are no longer limited to just one pool of potential hires as an employer. Gone are the days where your employee catchment area is dictated by the geographical location in which your business is based. You can now look for the best employee globally, which can

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