Greenhouses in Iceland

Greenhouses in Iceland Sometimes Mother Nature gives back what it takes away with positive results all round. Iceland’s cold weather has an adverse impact on its agriculture since crops need warm soil to grow. The geothermal energy available in the country comes to the rescue for the farming community and they have developed greenhouses in Iceland. These greenhouses are used

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Life Science in Iceland

Among the many sectors in Iceland that have seen rapid progress in the recent years, the life sciences sector sees the most growth. This is a relatively new branch of the industry and includes areas like biotechnology and health sciences. Again, heal science is the broad term that includes medical devices, pharmaceutical products and health supplements. Most of these areas

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Embassy in Iceland

Iceland is a small nation but has diplomatic relations with most other countries in the world establishing its embassies and consulates there. In return, other countries operate their embassies to Iceland in the capital Reykjavik and many only have a consulate. In terms of the absolute numbers, there are 16 embassies and 208 consulates established by Iceland around the world

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Merging Companies in Iceland

Businesses keep changing hands. On many occasions, a company would acquire another company in the same line of business to strengthen its hold on the market. The two companies may merge. These are likely to be friendly mergers where the management of both the companies agree to the merger and go through with the formalities. There can be aggressive or

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Energy Consultant in Iceland

Energy is a key sector of the economy in Iceland. The country adopted, very early, the ways to generate and consume clean energy and reduce the dependence on fossil fuels. The country’s natural resources ensured that these efforts were successful. Geothermal energy is a major energy source apart from the hydroelectric power that is produced in Iceland. The country keeps

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Wellness in Iceland

The government in Iceland is taking various steps over the years to boost the country’s economy. One of them is to look at Iceland as a tourist destination. Iceland has a beautiful and natural landscape and the people are very friendly. The local population enjoys complete freedom and support systems are in place at the social level. Perhaps one significant

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Pharmaceuticals in Iceland

Iceland has been focusing on developing its economy with all sectors participating. It’s a small nation with a limited population and more limited resources. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals form a key sector in the country’s economy. There are several global and European leaders in the pharmaceutical industry with their manufacturing facility in Iceland. They have also established their research & development

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Companies for Sale in Iceland

In any rapidly growing economy, businesses will be opened with a lot of fanfare and then may have to close soon. It’s a highly competitive market out there and only the fittest and the smartest survive. Iceland provides the best environment for entrepreneurs to display their business acumen. The process of setting up a business in Iceland has been made

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Ecommerce in Iceland

Iceland may appear to be a small country with its population not more than a third of a million. However, the country has embraced the latest advancements in technology. Internet penetration, for example, is close to 100%. This has paved the way for Ecommerce in Iceland in a big way. There are several underlying reasons for the rapid growth of

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Buy art in Iceland

Iceland’s art scene offers a rich and diverse landscape. From its north European and Scandinavian influences, to works of art that are deeply rooted in local tradition and mythology, Icelandic art is one of the pillars of national culture of the island. Iceland’s thriving art market is mostly centered in the several art galleries of the capital city of Reykjavík.

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