Iceland Biotech Companies

Iceland is home to several thriving industries. Traditionally this little island nation in the North Atlantic has been a hub for the fishing industry, but that has changed in the last half-century.  For almost a thousand years, Iceland’s people relied on fishing and ocean-driven trade as a source of income. At the start of the 20th Century, Iceland was actually

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Office space in Iceland

Office Space in Iceland Iceland’s and in particular Reykjavik’s landscape has undergone a huge transformation in the past few years. The country has economy did suffer a setback in 2008 when there was a global meltdown, but after that, it has not turned back. Foreign investors are setting up their operations in Iceland and there are many Icelandic business

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Wholesales in Iceland

With the total population hovering around 350,000 to 400,000, wholesales in Iceland may sound paradoxical. There is however a concentration of the population in the capital Reykjavik alone. This does give the scope for products to be purchased or imported at wholesale rates and then distributed down the line to the retail counters. There are suppliers to the industries who

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Payroll in Iceland

The term you will often hear when payroll in Iceland is discussed is ‘collective bargaining’. It works here since most organizations will find that the employees are comfortable negotiating their compensation and employment benefits as a group rather than individually. Collective agreements are entered into between the employers and the staff unions. It has to be added here that there

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Supply Chain Management in Iceland

Supply chain is a critical component in the management of any business or organization. As a specialist function, supply management has emerged as an integrated system in the past few decades. Before that, there used to be the disjointed areas of procurement or buying and transportation. In the present context, supply chain encompasses the entire route from the sourcing of

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Carbon Recycling in Iceland

Carbon emission is an important element in global climate change and other environment-related discussions. Every government and private enterprise is working towards reducing the amount of carbon dioxide being let off in the atmosphere. Iceland has consistently supported green energy initiatives and it comes as no surprise that a project for carbon recycling in Iceland has gone on stream last

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Umbrella Company in Iceland

Almost every country in the world wants foreign firms particularly large transnational corporations to make investments in their economy. It leads to job creation, one of the critical inputs for any economy to grow. However, large organizations have their own dynamics that hold them back from directly recruiting all their employees in a new country they invest in. This is

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Army Services in Iceland

You may be surprised to learn that Iceland does not have an army in the full sense of the term. Its sea borders are secured by the Icelandic Coast Guard and there are naval aircraft to secure the skies. But that does not mean the country is defenseless. Iceland is a member of NATO and this association entitles the country

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Digital Nomad in Iceland

Technological advancements bring with them innovative lifestyles. A digital nomad in Iceland is one such phenomenon you would not have imagined. A digital nomad, if you are not familiar, is the professional who travels around, in this case in Iceland, but is also doing his or her work. In one narrow sense, this can be described as the good old

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Event Management in Iceland

Iceland has so much to offer as a tourist destination that companies involved with offering their services in event management in Iceland have their hands full. International tourists prefer to travel in groups, particularly from Asian countries like Japan and China. They would hire a local agency to chaperon the teams around the country in an organized way. This saves

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