Pharmaceuticals in Iceland

Iceland has been focusing on developing its economy with all sectors participating. It’s a small nation with a limited population and more limited resources. Healthcare and pharmaceuticals form a key sector in the country’s economy. There are several global and European leaders in the pharmaceutical industry with their manufacturing facility in Iceland. They have also established their research & development

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Companies for Sale in Iceland

In any rapidly growing economy, businesses will be opened with a lot of fanfare and then may have to close soon. It’s a highly competitive market out there and only the fittest and the smartest survive. Iceland provides the best environment for entrepreneurs to display their business acumen. The process of setting up a business in Iceland has been made

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Ecommerce in Iceland

Iceland may appear to be a small country with its population not more than a third of a million. However, the country has embraced the latest advancements in technology. Internet penetration, for example, is close to 100%. This has paved the way for Ecommerce in Iceland in a big way. There are several underlying reasons for the rapid growth of

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Buy art in Iceland

Iceland’s art scene offers a rich and diverse landscape. From its north European and Scandinavian influences, to works of art that are deeply rooted in local tradition and mythology, Icelandic art is one of the pillars of national culture of the island. Iceland’s thriving art market is mostly centered in the several art galleries of the capital city of Reykjavík.

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Fish farming in Iceland – A thriving tradition

Aquaculture, better known as fish farming, has been a staple of Iceland’s economy since the 1950s. Today, thanks to scientific breakthroughs in fish breeding as well as a better understanding of the country’s own natural advantages, aquaculture has become a thriving industry which is expected to double in production in 2021. Keeping up with the Icelandic ambition to have a

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Film Production in Iceland

Iceland – An Ideal Place for Film Production The entertainment industry has come a long way from what it used to be some decades earlier. Location shooting for films has moved away from the studios to exotic locations. European countries, with their abundance of natural beauty, have identified the opportunity the industry offers by taking a few steps. If you look at

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Data Centers in Iceland

Iceland is one of the few countries in the world where nature and technology mix together to create the most optimal location for data centers. Iceland possesses a highly skilled workforce with experience in software development and IT technology. Coupled with the robust engineering sector that’s an integral part of the Icelandic economy, the country is fertile ground for any

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Augmented staffing

Iceland’s unique economic, environmental and educational characteristics have provided her with a great number of engineers and technology developers which can enrich your staff with the talents your projects require. Thanks to modern technology, staff augmentation has become one of the leading models of outsourcing in the world, providing your company with the required abilities without the hassle of recruiting

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Shelf Companies

Shelf companies are sought after for a number of reasons. It helps speed up the process of setting up new companies, as well as allowing better access to commercial credit and loans. However, setting up, maintaining and purchasing shelf companies can often be a confusing business and requires careful consulting. Iceland is the 13th country in the economic freedom ranking,

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Engineering in Iceland

Engineering is a one of the most important scientific disciplines in Iceland due to its unique geological location. The high concentration of volcanoes in the island has allowed its inhabitants to become leaders in the generation of geothermal energy. In order to exploit this natural and renewable source of energy, a robust academic body of knowledge has formed in Iceland

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