Co-working spaces in Nordics

Co-working Spaces in the Nordics

Explore the Co-Working spaces in the Nordics! Working from home has been a new normal for so many people as remote and hybrid work started to gain popularity. When workforces started to transition into a more flexible type of work, it also gave massive opportunities for employees to have more autonomy in choosing the kind of environment they want to be in, have more time for their families, have less hassle on daily commuting, and more!

However, working from home has its own downsides, just like working in the office. Although it is completely convenient and way more comfortable than being surrounded by big bosses, working from home can promote laziness and less productivity, especially with the bed right behind your corner. It is not for everyone! Moreover, the problems that occur during worktime are uncontrollable such as power interruptions, emergencies, and other family-related issues.

While it is a dream for most people to be able to work at home, the need for co-working spaces sparked and caught the attention of freelancers, remote workers, and even start-ups to big businesses.

Co-working spaces in Nordics

What Does Co-working Space Mean?

A co-working space is like a go-to place for workers seeking a temporary office while doing their tasks for the day. Almost similar to a traditional office environment, co-working spaces typically have amenities and equipment needed by an employee, or sometimes even more! The idea is to have an efficient environment where remote or hybrid workers can effectively work without the distraction that typically occurs at home or in the office. They are designed to provide a secure place for workers to operate on their terms.

People who come into co-working spaces are usually not working in the same companies – they just want a place where they can work peacefully.

The office culture that can be felt in co-working spaces, minus the pressure that comes around, makes it easier to work at your own pace. It can even contribute to the performance and quality of work. When you are in a co-working space where you can do stuff as you please, it is easier to be accountable and get on track. For most people, this is one of the most effective ways to get things done.

The term co-working spaces have even become popular and are continuously growing in the Nordics as the region embraces the idea of remote working. With many people acknowledging the benefits of working in the comfort of their homes, they also start to see co-working spaces in the Nordics as an alternative way of productive working where they can utilize great spaces and achieve more.

Benefits of Co-working Spaces

Remote working has given endless possibilities to work anywhere. While working at home, in the cafe, or on the beach seem alluring, nothing quite like working at a place that can give you the vibe that may help you work at your best.

Co-working spaces in Nordics


Unlike any other places, coworking spaces are significantly affordable given the fact that they have most, if not all, of the equipment you need for work. From WiFi, office chairs, desks, printers, utilities, and sometimes even snacks!

For remote workers or freelancers working in urban areas or places where power interruptions are frequent, co-working spaces are a good deal.

Additionally, co-working spaces in the Nordics have many flexible deals depending on your needs. Because this industry is fast growing in the Nordic region, it becomes easier to find a place that is accessible. Whether you are a copywriter, an executive assistant, or a virtual accountant, the options are endless..

Increased Productivity

Co-working spaces are for people who are set to do a specific task. While the idea of working anywhere feels alluring, it is true to say that losing focus happens often.

There is something about the office vibes that help you become more motivated when it comes to working, which co-working spaces in the Nordics take pride in offering. The ambiance is often welcoming, productive, and quiet – a perfect place to kickstart work time effectively. Because these places are specifically made for employees in general or people who have important things to do, other things not associated with work that could potentially distract customers are cut off.

Co-working spaces in Nordics

Network or Community.

One of the good benefits of working in a co-working space is getting to meet people who have the same intention as you. Since people come from different companies, it is normal to cross paths with different kinds of people with different positions. This allows you to build connection and further understand the world of remote working and use it for your advancement, which can lead to more opportunities.

Many co-working spaces in Nordics are applauded for building not just this particular space where people can come and go but a community that fosters connection and collaboration with each other.

Should You Consider Co-working Spaces?

Co-working spaces in the Nordics have become so popular that its largest hotel operator, Scandic, has revealed a new co-working concept with approximately 270 locations across Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Poland. This is mainly because they have seen a massive need for workplaces closer to the comfort of home and a bit of office culture combined.

So whether you are a freelancer, remote worker, entrepreneur, or student, collaborating in a co-working space is a good idea to check off everything on your to-do list! Co-working spaces are continuously booming and many types are being developed to fit different kinds of professional services. May it be individual space, collaborative, high-end, and many more.

If you need a place to do your homework, finish a client task, attend a webinar, conduct a big-size meeting, or discuss agenda, co-working spaces may be a perfect option!


To have a simple and comfortable place that motivates and drives productivity is the ultimate goal of every remote worker, digital nomad, freelancer, and entrepreneur. Co-working spaces in the Nordics offer a variety of solutions and accommodations that tailor-fit every type’s needs. This is why the region has been known for the number of remote workers in the area. With a range of options you can choose from, you can definitely land at a place that can accommodate you best with fair pricing and everything you need.

If you need more guidance about remote working and co-working spaces in the Nordics, you can contact Swapp Agency.