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Remote Working Insurances

The world of remote working boomed when the pandemic happened. Although it existed way before, many industries embraced the concept to adapt and regulate amid the health crisis. In fact, continuous development happened over the past few years in regard to working remotely as many more opportunities also started to arise. One opportunity is to work wherever you want to be, then it is good to start thinking about remote work insurances.

The Future of Remote Working

A recent study mentioned in Gallup (2022) that made use of 8,090 remote-capable U.S. employees found that approximately 56% of full-time employees in the U.S. say that their job can be done working remotely. Moreover, the study indicated that hybrid work is continuously increasing and is expected to further increase by the end of 2022 and beyond. Many factors may need to be considered to show the real-life effectiveness of remote working; however, there is enough evidence to say that employees’ experiences with working remotely over the past years are seemingly successful. The work-life balance, employee morale, performance at work, and overall well-being can significantly be compared with the traditional culture at the office.

Similar to working in actual workplaces, remote jobs can still entail risks that affect the employees, the job itself, and consequently, the employers – one reason why Occupational Health and Safety Protocols must still be observed by both parties during work hours, or even beyond.

The risks of working from home and anywhere can sometimes be more dangerous than office work since trackers are not often utilized by employers, which means more freedom to do what remote workers want. Because remote and hybrid workers are less monitored and have more flexibility with time and their environment, employers must provide remote working insurance for their employees residing in other countries.

Remote work insurance

What are Remote Working Insurances?

Whether you are a contractor or an employee traveling for work or a work-from-home employee, remote working insurance is something you should need.

Simply put, remote working insurance gives assistance to employees in cases of accidents and/ or emergencies. Providing this with your employees or remote workers will give them peace of mind that they are well-protected and taken care of in the company. It will also allow them to recover immediately for a fast return to work if an accident took place. Regardless if the virtual workplace was examined to be safe enough, it is still a good idea to have insurance for unforeseen events.

In fact, some countries in the Nordic region, such as Finland and Sweden promote the importance of employers providing insurance to their remote workers, especially medical insurance. Many insurance agencies are also available for consultation and offer different services to provide different benefits.

Remote work insurance

What does Remote Workers’ Insurance cover?

Remote working insurance usually only covers work-related cases, while accidents beyond the work timeframe are not included. For example, accidents on breaks have no insurance coverage, which can put a toll on employees.

But employers can also choose to provide advanced or voluntary remote working insurance for their employees that cover more. Because the normal insurance policy has limited coverage, it is recommended for employers seeking insurance with more coverage with a supplement for leisure time.

Remote work insurance

How can SWAPP Agency help?

While remote working is extremely helpful for people who want to avoid the hassle of traditional work, the risks are often overlooked. The idea of remote working is fascinating, but it is also important to realize that there are consequences that come with it.

The well-being of employees should be of topmost priority to ensure quality performance at work. It is not right to only think about having the tasks done by these employees nor conclude that things should be easier for them because of the work-from-home situation. Because it is more lenient, the collaboration, practices, and protocols should be more certain and clear between parties. Employers must also ensure now more than ever that they contribute to the satisfactory work of employees by providing the right compensation and benefits. The working consideration is truly challenging, but the intricacies of remote working must be properly managed.

To further support in promoting employees’ well-being through proving the remote working insurance they need, SWAPP Agency can help with fast and cost-efficient Employer of Record solutions. It is a lot easier to handle with a professional team from all over the world who have knowledge of world-class legal, HR, finance, and any employment-related matters.

We take pride in being a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to employment as we offer many services. We believe that employees deserve coverage that allows them to feel protected beyond their working hours and that it is one way to deepen the connection between them and their employers, which can increase morale. That´s why we Swapp Agency has partnered up with SafetyWing, where Swapp Agency employees get very good discounts on health insurances in over 185 countries.

Overlooking this aspect of the business may lead to more damage than good and cost more to both parties. So, remote workers must attain their rights to be insured and protected at work. While for employers, it is their responsibility to choose a policy that would best suit their employees.

If you don’t know where to start about providing remote working insurance or choosing the best one, feel free to contact Swapp Agency and we will assist you with your concerns..