The Best Affiliate Program of 2022

Being a multi-billion dollar industry, affiliate marketing in the US is expected to reach more than $8 billion by the end of 2022. What if there was an affiliate program for a high-quality product where you don’t have to pay a penny but you could make money. Would you be interested? In this article, we’re going to talk about the best affiliate program of 2022. With unique propositions, high payout and a cool affiliate structure, this is the unique affiliate program that most people don’t know about.

Let’s dive in.

What Is an Affiliate Program?

There are three parties involved:

  • an affiliate that needs to make more money;
  • the company that needs to sell more products or services to consumers;
  • and consumers.

To get help selling more products, the company brings on an affiliate. The company will pay a commission for every sale an affiliate makes.

Basically, an affiliate is a middleman between the company and consumers. They work independently as an affiliate, so they have no boss. They’re basically their own bosses.

So, what is an affiliate’s job? It’s simple.

Find consumers who are interested in the company’s product. Tell them about the product, the benefits, and the consequences of not using the product. Also, an affiliate shows consumers the results of other people who’ve benefited from the product.

If the consumer made a purchase, an affiliate will get their commission or payment.

Swapp Agency Affiliate Program

Swapp affiliate program is one that we’d be willing to bet most of you have not heard of.

Swapp Agency is an Employer of Record service provider that offers services like international hiring, payroll services, relocating employees, accounting, tax compliance, HR and many others.

Make money by helping companies and employees relocate to more than 170 countries easily. Swapp pays 500 EURO (one-time fee) for each lead that they turn into EOR.

What Is an Employer of Record

An Employer of Record is fundamentally a third-party organization that hires and pays a worker on behalf of another company and takes responsibility for all formal employment tasks.

Using an EOR allows companies to efficiently and legally work with foreign workers either in a new state or country, without having to set up a local entity or risk failing to comply with local employment laws.

best affiliate program 2022

The Benefits of the Swapp Affiliate Program

1. Great Product

One of the coolest things about affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to make the product. An affiliate marketer just has to go find it and then promote it. And that’s a lot easier than actually being the one to create the product.

Swapp Agency handles all aspects of international employment and offers a lot of solutions:

  • quickly and easily set up a new hire in a foreign payrolling system;
  • calculating benefits and worker’s compensation;
  • taking responsibility for all formal employment tasks;
  • human resources support for both the employee and the employer;
  • complying with local employment laws in more than 170 countries;
  • and many others.

2. High Payment

Swapp Agency pays 500 euros in one single commission for each qualified lead!

3. That Works Really Easy

It’s free and takes up to 5 minutes to join the Swapp affiliate program. Sign up and submit your first lead here. After submitting the form, they will be in touch regarding the payments and details.

4. Dependability

This is a crazy opportunity because it’s a risk-free thing. It’s totally a free affiliate program. No one pays any money.

best affiliate program 2022

Who Can Be an Affiliate Marketer?

You don’t need to be an expert. You can become an affiliate marketer without any special skills or knowledge. Try a lot of different ways of promoting affiliate services and see what works. By the way, about 65% of affiliate marketers use blogs and social media to reach out to potential customers.

If you already have a social media page, an email list, or a blog, you may already be doing a lot of the work. For example, you can just add an EOR service review blog post to your regularly scheduled articles.

The Swapp affiliate program works best for consultants, remote workers, law and accounting firms. If you are one of those listed, it will be easy for you to take a lead.

best affiliate program 2022

3 Common Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

If you are not making a full-time income as an affiliate marketer, one of these three things is probably the reason. Let’s dive right in.

You Don’t Pick One Traffic Source

All social media platforms have algorithms and a lot of us especially in the beginning feel like we understand those algorithms. But it’s so much deeper.

The first mistake you’re making is you are not focused on mastering one single traffic source (a social platform or a search engine). You need to pick one and become the ultimate master of that. You need to know exactly how that algorithm works, and what is making content go viral and successful.

If you can master just one traffic source, you can build an audience and an affiliate marketing business.

You Pick an Overcrowded Niche

People are choosing these niches that are just so overcrowded. And the way that we get around that as a beginner is we niche down.

You get two huge wins with this.

Firstly, you become the master in people’s eyes of one small thing. And people start to view you as the authority figure on that one small piece of the picture.

The second thing is you start to build up an audience that’s maybe a little bit small but it’s so focused and you can put out an affiliate sale. You could sell 10-20% of your audience because the product is so focused on exactly what these people are looking to do.

You Neglect Your Email List

Email is the only true traffic source that you own that you have complete control over. Every platform can ban you. But you can’t be banned from email. So, everything you do needs to be focused on building your email list.

The first thing you should make people do is to put their email addresses in your pop-up. Grab someone’s email address and then build your email list.

If you don’t have an email list, you don’t have an affiliate marketing business.

best affiliate program 2022


With this article, you don’t have to spend time searching for the best product that’s the easiest to promote and pays massive commissions. Using the Swapp affiliate program you can help entrepreneurs and employees realize their financial dreams. Sign up and submit your first lead here.