Employer of Record in the Nordics

In this article, we are going to explain how businesses can build international teams in the Nordic countries whilst bypassing the legal, HR and tax complexities involved. So, for those who are not aware, this is all achieved by what’s called an Employer of Record service.

Let us walk you through how that works exactly.

Employer Record Nordics

What Is an Employer of Record?

Swapp Agency is a global Employer of Record company. We help businesses who looking to expand into new countries, including the Nordics.

What does it mean?

Whenever a company wants to employ a person in another country, whether it’s Sweden or Finland, they just identify the person that they want to hire. Then we put their employee on our already existing company and payroll and add them to our local benefits. In that way, the client can go into a new country quickly and easily.

So, in other words, we’ve automated the entire process of a company going global. With Employer of Record services, literally, a company can go into another country within a couple of hours after signing an engagement letter.

It used to be that companies had to set up subsidiaries and branch offices and do a lot of research on the tax, HR, and legal issues around the world. And instead, they basically contact our existing compliant legal and HR infrastructure, and our already existing subsidiaries on the ground in a country and therefore exclude having to do any of that.

We don’t just make life easy for the clients. It’s also about those potential new recruits who have to be convinced that the Employer of Record service is the right route to go.

Not having to deal with legal complexities makes everything much easier for our clients. So, we have operations all over the globe, including the Nordics. And we can assist you in more than 170 countries. Send us a line and we will reply as soon as possible.

Employer Record Nordics

Is There a Certain Type of Business That This Works Well For?

Swapp Agency works with quite a few established multinationals as well as start-ups and scale-ups. Our business model appeals to companies that always trying to grow as quickly as they can and grab global market share. But basically, we work with all kinds of companies that have to hire talent wherever they find it.

Employer of Record is a perfect solution for professionally managed high-growth companies. These are companies where compliance is important. They want to make sure that the details are correct, all information is protected, and data privacy is secure. Because otherwise, if they didn’t care about compliance, they might have everyone as a contractor or pay them under the table.

So, Swapp Agency operates in a lot of different sectors, from the creative, gaming, pharmaceutical industries, to tech companies. Also, we help them to speed up their understanding of their global target markets.

Employer Record Nordics

Whether or not Now Is the Right Time to Be Talking About International Expansion?

It has been hard for businesses during the last two years, but now is exactly the right time to be talking about international expansion.

Because, basically, if you set a target to work in one country, let’s say a Helsinki headquartered company has traditionally only been selling into Finland, you’re missing the huge open market that is available and the vast majority of the rest of the world.

Also, if clients don’t go global, they find competition popping up faster. So, they have to grab market share as fast as they can.

And finally, it’s related to talent. So, it used to be that a Helsinki-based company could pay for the flight for an employee to fly to Norway every other month to go meet with the clients there. And that was sufficient.

Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the people are not traveling at all, and Employer of Record is a better business solution anyway. For clients, there’s something inspiring about having support on the ground in a foreign country, finally, that is much more successful for businesses.

By the way, the compliance regulations change all the time. So, it’s very unforeseeable to expand into another country. There’re a lot of countries that are hard to expand into. In those countries, the legal and political situations are evolving constantly.

The Employer of Record Concept

The Employer of Record concept is about acceleration in terms of market entry to a new global market. Without a doubt, it allows the companies who use this outsourcing service to scale quickly and then to spend more time focused on what’s really important for them, and that’s their clients and their products and product developments.

Globalization depends on many things. You could have onboarded a new client, a new distribution partner, or investors breathing down your neck to expand fast into new markets. So, anything that can help you offload some of the set-up procedures would be of huge value.

In Swapp Agency, not only our mission is just to break down barriers to international business, but to break down barriers between people around the world. We truly believe that the global Employer of Record model is the way companies will hire their global workforce in the future. And we’re going to be the company that makes it easy for them.

If you want to find out more information about Swapp Agency, simply visit our site swappagency.com


In this article, we explained how easy to hire talent anywhere in the world without the difficulty of setting up subsidiaries or foreign offices.

Every time companies want to hire an employee in the Nordic countries or wherever, they will have to figure out all the legal, tax, and HR issues in that country. The idea is that the Employer of Record industry has completely automated the process of going global.

Swapp Agency is a helping hand in international finance, HR, and legal issues. We’ve created something that changes the way employers do business around the world.