How to Use Employer of Record to Employ in the Faroe Islands

Being a part of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands is a self-governing archipelago that combines a group of 18 volcanic islands. This stunningly beautiful place is known for its waterfalls, hiking trails, rocky coastlines, and its music festivals throughout the year. Majestic mountains, towering cliffs, beautiful beaches, and lush green everywhere you look.

In this article, we tell you how to use Employer of Record to Employ in the Faroe Islands. But firstly, let’s get to know the islands better.

Exploring Europe’s Best Kept Secret

The Faroe Islands is often named the land of maybe due to the unforeseeable weather. Tucked between Iceland and Norway, the Faroe Islands is located in the North Atlantic Ocean.

While the Faroe Islands may be the most beautiful place in Europe, local people don’t lock their houses. They even don’t understand why it is important to do so, because they never faced being pickpocketed or robbed.

In today’s Faroe Islands, about 50% of electricity is currently renewable. According to State of Green, by 2030, the nation is going to make wind, water, sun, tide, pump systems, and batteries the central elements of the electrification.

By the way, The Faroe Islands are one of the few countries that have avoided the tragic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to swift action and a sense of collective responsibility, the Faroese dealt with the COVID-19 epidemic in a quick and efficient way.

The scarcity of highly skilled workers is a general problem in the Faroe Islands. So, let’s explore the benefits of hiring remote workers.

Employer Record Faroe islands

Benefits of Hiring Remote Employees in the Faroe Islands

Here are five hints of why you absolutely have to consider hiring remote workers.

1. Local hiring is cool but remote hiring is empowering

Obviously, you should consider hiring remote workers because you will get access to the best people out there. It gives everybody the chance to work for an amazing company like yours.

2. Remote work means higher productivity

Many people would say that working from home doesn’t make them too productive, but remote work is not about working from home, it’s about having the possibility to work from different places.

Productivity is measured by the number of tasks that we can perform effectively in a certain amount of time. Productivity doesn’t mean sitting somewhere uninterrupted for eight hours.

3. Reduced turnover

Many companies measure turnover and they check out whether team members are satisfied with a certain company. But the problem is that we shouldn’t just measure turnover as a factor that we consider when we talk about happiness at work and satisfaction at work.

So, the higher your turnover, the more people leave your company, the more it costs you. So, imagine how much it costs you when you lose a person in your team. You use the skill set you, you have to engage recruitment agencies and also engage your own resources.

When a person is not on board, then you’re also losing money. Because maybe your client is waiting for something that you can’t deliver because you just don’t have that person available right now.

If you allow your people to work remotely, they will be willing to stay with your company for longer. Because remote work allows you and your team to be flexible. It’s the greatest benefit that you can adopt.

Although remote work is not just a benefit, but also a business model. So, if you give people the freedom the flexibility of working the most efficient way then they won’t be that keen on leaving your company.

4. Remote work is cost-effective for everyone

The second reason from a business perspective is obviously costs. It reduces costs at all the office spaces.

5. Remote work embraces diversity

And last but not least. Unfortunately, many companies don’t understand that diversity is a tool to enhance business processes, business operations, and efficiency.

So, if you really want to have a diverse workspace, then take a look around. Look at the whole world thinking that this is your talent pool where you can hire people from different regions from different the most distant parts of the world. No matter what their beliefs are. No matter where they live. You don’t have to relocate them.

There is great research performed by BCG. It reported that diversity leads to more and better innovation and improved financial performance.

If you’re willing to know more about why you should hire remote workers and you’re looking for employees in Faroe Island, let us walk you through the Employer of Record industry.

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Hiring Through Employer of Record in the Faroe Islands

So, what’s the solution for employers who hire in the Faroe Islands?

If you are going to employ people in the Faroe Islands, you can use Employer of Record. An Employer of Record offers a simple way for companies to employ and pay people wherever they are. For more details visit Swapp Agency.

But if you are a citizen of the EU or a citizen of a country outside the EU, and you have been offered employment in the Faroe Islands, Swapp Agency will also help you with compliant employment so your relocation will be as easy as possible.

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Wrapping Up

The Faroe Islands is a place characterized by its dramatic natural features buried in fog. The islands are located in the North Atlantic Ocean halfway between Iceland and Norway and about 300 kilometers north from Scotland.

Without a doubt, these are gorgeous islands with a strong cultural identity and, by the way, one of the most vibrant art scenes in Europe, but in search of a clear international status both within their kingdom and their continent.

Now, with Employer of Record, it’s easy to hire people in the Faroe Islands. For more information contact Swapp Agency. We take on all the HR responsibilities, allowing you to hire and manage employees from abroad in a cost-effective way.