How Employee Leasing Works in Finland

A lot of people dream of starting their own business in Finland, for you that dream has come true. Your business grows, so do your other responsibilities. And before you notice it, the focus on customers growth and why you went into business in the first place takes a backseat.

The simple tasks now become cumbersome and overwhelming. Like dealing with finding the right benefits, trying to stay in compliance with new laws, or even just staying on top of employee payroll and paperwork.

And because you’re forced to wear all those hats, productivity begins to suffer. So, you decide to hire someone.

After interviewing a number of applicants, you realize that finding a single person with a skill set in the capacity to handle all HR and administrative functions is nearly impossible. And hiring multiple people to handle the workload is just too expensive.

You need a superstar without the superstar’s salary. But where can you instantly have a team of experts to handle all of your company’s HR and administrative needs?

Employee leasing Finland

What Employee Leasing Offers

An employee leasing company is a strategic partner handling everything from HR and payroll to employee benefits and worker’s compensation. So, you can get back to doing important things, like getting great new clients, driving down expenses, helping your employees be more productive, and lowering the risk of running into all the numerous regulations that businesses have to deal with.

If you’re looking for an employee leasing company in Finland, Employer or Record can easily help you with it. While an employee performs work for the clients, Employer of Record serves as an employer for tax purposes. Swapp Agency is a team that offers professional real-world experience and guidance, doesn’t take sick days, never needs a vacation, and never has a bad day.

Let staff leasing handle all the day-to-day administration chores that you don’t have time for. And get back to growing your business and creating more quality time for yourself and your family.

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Employee leasing Finland

What are the Types of Solutions Offered by an Employee Leasing Company?

Employee leasing is a bundled service that includes an array of different types of solutions that a small business or any kind of business may desire. There are a few elements that you may outsource.

1. Payroll administration handling all your payroll issues as it results to paying employees, paying your taxes, and making sure certain filings are done and the appropriate times during the year. That can be a real headache for folks.

2. HR. Handbooks, job desciptions, and certain compliance regulatory ways to make sure your company is doing things correctly will be provided to you depending on the employer leasing company that you choose, but typically they have all these bundles.

3. Benefits. As you’re really excited about keeping great employees, you got to have a benefits plan put together. And certainly, employee leasing has that a part of its infrastructure in most cases. Whether it be health insurance, retirement planning, infrastructure employee leasing companies usually have all that into one.

If you were to do employee leasing, it would usually include all of these elements. But you can bundle or you could unbundle, and it depends on the needs of your company in the growth plan that it has.

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Employee leasing Finland

How to Hire Employee Leasing Company in Finland

If you are considering leasing employees, take the next steps along the way to be sure that leasing is the right option for your business in Finland.

1. Figure out the goals your company wants to accomplish through employee leasing.

2. Obtain offers from several leasing firms. Discuss your needs and how much control you will have, then decide whether you are willing to use employee leasing.

3. It’s important to determine services and charges. Discuss the specific services that should be provided and the time frame for these services. In addition, find out the details of the benefits package.

4. Determine insurance coverage. There is a wide variety of insurance provided by leasing companies. For example, workers’ compensation, employee bonding, professional liability, general liability, and others. You should carefully review this part of the agreement.

5. Communicate with your employees. Figure out whether the leasing company has an employee communications component in its offer. Explain to your employees that they aren’t losing their jobs, it’s just a transition to a leasing firm.  

Why to Use Employee Leasing Company in Finland

There’re really three reasons why people use employee leasing companies in Finland:

1. They can’t get workers’ comp in the open market, therefore they have to join an employee leasing pool. So that they can qualify for workers’ compensation, because they’re required to have it by law. So, that’s one way that a lot of people use employee leasing companies.

2. They have some health insurance needs for their employees. They found that by pooling themselves into an employee leasing pool that they can lower their rates and possibly find themselves in a better position financially, due to the pooling effect with their employees.

3. They just may really see the desire of getting all that stuff off their plate. They’re taking advantage of every element of the employee leasing outsource agreement.

4. Employee leasing can save you time and money allowing you to make more money. Use that extra 25% of your time to build your business.

If you have more questions, feel free to contact Swapp Agency. We’d love to help you.

Wrapping Up

With Employer or Record, your business can easily hire employees in Finland. No more worrying about Finnish laws, complex tax systems, or managing global payroll. Recruiting and onboarding, tax compliance and payroll, benefits and more, Swapp Agency provides a complete solution and takes care of everything.