Work Remotely in Finland

Every day, millions of people come to work and return home all over the world. The chance to do things in another way is an unattainable goal in most countries. But it’s possible in Finland.

Finland showed impressive rates of remote working long before the pandemic. The country started its way to remote work from flexible working hours. Since the nineties, Finns empowered the Working Hours Act to set their working day. The Act allowed the residents to start and finish work up to three hours earlier or later. As a result, flexibility has since become part of the Finnish culture.

Work Remotely Finland

Remote Work in Finland Before and During the Pandemic

Before the pandemic in 2019, 14.1% of employed Finns usually worked remotely and this figure has reached approximately 5.4% in Europe. Comparing Finnish data to European data, we can conclude that Finland was one of the European countries with a comparatively high percent of remote workers.

The Covid pandemic caused an instant change for many people around the world.

During the Pandemic, a lot of companies noticed that most of their work could be completed remotely. According to the 2020 global survey, almost one in four Finnish workers usually worked remotely during 2020. This worldwide situation affected everyone and contributed to increase the number of remote employees.

Work Remotely Finland

A Trend in Northern Europe

According to Eurofound, 25% of employees worked from home regularly or occasionally in Finland. Compared to other European countries, Finland also has a high level of digitalization in 2021.

So, there is a large market of remote jobs in a highly developed country like Finland. Everyone can tear off a tasty piece of cake. A lot of Finnish companies have a completely location-free working policy.

Like the Nordic countries, Finland tends to be more community-oriented, supportive and benevolent. That’s why it’s really easy to communicate with Finns even remotely. Also, trust is part of a national culture in Finland, and people appreciate it greatly.

Work Remotely Finland

The Impact of Digital Work on Society and Workers

Without a doubt, remote work offers employees more ability to remain in a work-life balance. Being able to set your work schedule, you choose to work during the hours you are more productive. These hours generally depend on your lifestyle and personality type.

In addition, it’s not effective to spend one or two hours every day to get to your office, thus adding value to remote work.

Despite the above, creativity is sparked more easily when a team is in the same space. Our Zoom meetings can help us handle things for a while, but if we want to shine again, we need to get back into the office.

How to Find Remote Work in Finland

Do you know that the Finnish employer can allow the employee to work remotely from another country? Regarding remote work abroad, it is important to enter into an agreement concluded in writing which sets out that parties agree on relevant terms of remote work, such as the duration of the remote work period, expenses the applicable working hours, etc.

Researching the web, you can easily find the latest remote jobs at a lot of companies or startups in Finland. If you want to work with legitimate businesses, contact Swapp Agency. Our team is comprised of industry experts who are passionate about their work and have a huge experience assisting you with remote work in Finland.

Choosing a Job Location

Have you ever thought about working remotely somewhere a bit outside of the city? When you are choosing your perfect Finland remote work destination, remember about beautiful Finnish nature, incomparable forests, and stunning landscapes. Only in this wild country, you have a great ability to work from a wooden house on the edge of a lake.

Research some interesting places, consider pros versus cons, and start your journey! When you get closer to nature, you will not want to venture out of it.

In addition to the above, numerous cafes and co-working spaces are also comfortable locations for digital work. If you select this option, think about moving to Helsinki, Tampere, or Vantaa.

Don’t worry about the price and speed of your internet connection. Finland offers one of the best Wi-Fi coverage in Europe. In Helsinki, the governments take a proactive attitude toward digital technologies, and the city provides its residents and guests with free, high-speed Wi-Fi from citywide hotspots.

Wrapping Up

It is universally known that office workers are usually less productive than employees who work at home. A flexible work schedule remarkably increases the productivity of employees, which benefits 21st-century companies in the long run.

Finland is a European country with the highest rate of remote workers, 25.1% of employees usually work from home. For help with all your employment needs, contact Swapp Agency today!