Relocation to Finland: Top 5 Reasons Why People Move to Finland

The marvel of the Northern Lights, a large number of sports activities and a high quality of life are just some of the reasons people might be thinking of moving to Finland. In this article, we highlight some reasons why Finland is awesome and why you should definitely consider moving here either to study or to work.

Relocation to Finland

Reason 1. A High Quality of Life

The social progress index of 2021 ranks Finland as the second country in the world when it comes to quality of life. According to the index, Finland scores high in almost every category from basic human needs and well-being to personal opportunities and freedom.

Not only do Finns have a great education system, guaranteeing equal opportunities for all citizens regardless of their backgrounds, but they also enjoy a bunch of other public services that increase the quality of life for everyone. In addition to education and public health care, it’s important to know that Finland is also a great place in terms of personal freedom, inclusiveness and the freedom of the press environment and personal safety.

Finns pay high taxes, but what they get in return is a well-functioning society that allows them to pursue their aspirations without having to worry about things like access to health care or other things that Finns really consider as basic rights for all citizens.

Relocation to Finland

Reason 2. Happiest Country in the World

The next reason to relocate to Finland is pretty close to the first one and it’s the fact that Finland consistently ranks as one of the happiest countries in the world. The latest world happiness report ranks Finland as the number one happiest country in the world closely followed by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, and Norway.

So, then what makes Finnish people exceptionally satisfied with their lives. Well, according to the WHR, the most prominent explanations include things like reliable and extensive welfare benefits low corruption, and a well-functioning democratic system as well as good state institutions.

According to the results, Finland ranks in the top countries together with Denmark, Norway, and Iceland in terms of the happiness of immigrants. The report notes that one of the most likely reasons for this is the high quality of governmental institutions and their role in the Nordic countries in general. Since these institutions serve all people living within these countries including immigrants the positive impact they have also extended to those immigrating to these countries as well.

Relocation to Finland

Reason 3. One of the Most Innovative Countries in the World

The next reason to move to Finland is the large amount of innovation that is happening in different institutions and companies both in the private and the public sectors.

So, Finland has always been a country of technology and engineers and most of the export consists of technological products. In addition, during the last 10 years, Finland has seen a massive surge in entrepreneurship and startups. And nowadays Finns host the biggest and most important startup events in the world.

No matter whether you are an entrepreneur looking to build a business, a student wanting to study innovation and technology, or an expat looking to work with tech heavy industries, there are limitless opportunities for you in Finland. For more details visit Swapp Agency.

Reason 4. One of the Cleanest Countries in the World

Not only do Finns have the cleanest air in the world making Finland a haven for people who come from countries or cities where the air quality has been compromised by pollution, but Finns also like keep their environment and cities clean as well.

When you walk especially in larger Finnish cities, it is very rare to see trash lying around. Even in general European standards the Finnish streets are kept very clean not only because of the efficient waste management and sorting systems, but also because of a cultural unwritten rule that people should not litter and cause damage to their environment.

Reason 5. Finland’s Climate and Nature

When people think about Finland and its nature, they often think of pristine snow-covered hills and trees in Lapland, but in realty Finland has so much more to offer. For example, Finland is called the land of the thousand lakes but funny enough this moniker is an understatement because Finland has in total over 180 000 lakes across the country.

Many Finnish families have their summer cottages built next to or close to one of these thousands of lakes. And they like enjoying time swimming and sailing in these freshwater bodies.

In addition to the lake country, Finland is covered with forests with almost 75 percent of the entire country being covered in them. Wherever you are you can always find beautiful forest paths that offer lovely walks starting from short trips with your dog up to week long hikes in the wilderness.

Wrapping Up – Relocation to Finland

There are many reasons to move to Finland, and there are even more reasons to fall in love with Finland. It would be impossible to list them all, so we highlighted only the top 5 significant reasons to relocate to Finland.

Start your journey with Swapp Agency. We are always happy to assist you with your relocation to Finland.