Tech Companies in Iceland

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Iceland has broadly kept pace with the developments in the technology space. Most Icelanders use the latest electronic gadgets like computers, tablets and mobile phones. Technology companies are also growing and that has resulted in providing employment to the local youth. One huge advantage, tech companies in Iceland have found, is an abundance of power at cheap tariffs. Many operations in technology companies are run round the clock mainly due to the global nature of the work and the time difference in various parts of the world.

The Scope for Expansion

The advent of new technology brings with it more opportunities for budding Icelandic entrepreneurs to showcase their talent. They can work on making the technology immediately suitable for businesses here rather than just copying the international format.

There have been remarkable examples, like the latest revelation of Embla, a voice assistant developed by a startup in Iceland, Miðeind. Embla is an app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS run devices and voice commands spoken in Icelandic is understood by the app. Icelanders can freely use the app on their devices to get their routine tasks done using the app. This is just an example. The other tech companies in Iceland would be similarly working on other technologies. Their work may come out in the future. The market is ready and ripe to receive these changes. The startups have to work harder and prove that the Icelanders are second to none in technological excellence.

There is really no end to the expansion of the scope for Icelandic startups to develop new technologies.

Some of the Leading Companies

If you take a look at the landscape of companies involved in developing new technologies in Iceland, some prominent names will crop up.

Xpertyst is a technology startup that offers its services to companies in Iceland to develop mobile apps, build websites and to customize their products. Their skills can be useful for companies operating in Iceland to benefit from. Many of them selling their products would want to go online and have their own ecommerce-enabled platforms to sell. Xpertyst says they can offer end-to-end solutions in all these areas.

Tech Companies in Iceland

Stefna is another technology startup that offers almost similar services as Xpertyst. They claim to specialize in creating online stores for their customers.

Premis is also one of the tech companies in Iceland. Their USP is their ability to offer hardware services. Their team can take care of the maintenance of your computer systems. They also work with the local administrations like municipalities in integrating their computer system with regular operations and converting them from the traditional ways of working to going online.

Wise is a technology company in Iceland that supports organizations that need data analytical tools, with their proprietary product Wise Analyzer.

All these and other tech companies in Iceland are critical to the growth of the economy in Iceland. They bring in the latest in technology to the doorsteps of the businesses operating in Iceland. Through their efforts, they are able to offer multiple benefits to their clients. These can be in the form of developing their websites, online stores and mobile applications, all of which can result in the expansion of the businesses.

There are other ventures that are growing around the main ones. Companies selling software programs, hardware items like computers, peripherals and consumables are also part of this ecosystem. Some of them may be dealing with the government departments, which have also adopted technology in a big way in the governance of the country. In the long run, Iceland may become self-sufficient in many of these areas and very little will need to be imported. The tech companies make this contribution.


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