Electric Cars Iceland

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Electric cars Iceland

Electric Cars Iceland

Through measurements such as population and population density, Iceland is a small country. But the full story is not always revealed through such steps. Policymakers, scientists, and anyone interested in the future of sustainable transport will do well to keep an eye on the vehicle market in Iceland, as the small island nation is emerging as a pioneer in electric mobility. Electric cars do not burn fossil fuels and do not emit CO2 into the atmosphere as a result. They are also cheaper for running and easier for driving.

The boom of Electric Cars Iceland

In the past four years, Iceland has quietly been one of the world’s leading EV markets, but decades ago, the groundwork for low-carbon transport was laid there. Renewable energy, low power rates coupled with high prices for fossil fuels, and a high rate of urbanization render Iceland an ideal EV market.

Electric cars Iceland

Nearly 100% of the electricity in Iceland is generated from renewable sources. Approximately three-quarters of the electricity generated domestically come from hydropower and one-quarter from geothermal. In Europe, only Norway has the same capacity to provide 100% renewable energy for electric vehicles.

Consumers have access to this low-carbon energy at a comparatively low rate, 20 percent lower than the average electricity price in the EU, whereas traditional car fuel prices in Iceland are among the highest worldwide.

Geysir leads the way by providing a variety of environmentally friendly collection of hybrid and electric cars with the energy exchange being a real thing. 

How to use it?

In collaboration with ON Power, the Icelandic Environment Agency closed the ring road No. 1 with electric charging stations at the beginning of 2018, with no two stations with more than 100 km between them. For all of our electric vehicles, these charging stations are available, with the charge being as easy as driving up to the station and plugging in the vehicle.

All our electric cars are leased with a charging key that provides access to all of Iceland’s ON Power Stations. The key will collect all the payments and at the end of the rental, payment for the charge takes place.

The Range

The electric car range varies from one model to another, but the most popular range is from 150 KM to 200 KM. This range makes it ideal for city driving, but as long as you plan with the charging stations in mind, you can also put together a pretty good road trip. You can check out Roy’s Roadtrip on the Geysir Blog if you need some road trip inspiration.

The Cost

ON Power charging stations can charge ISK 39 per minute, and an average electric car can charge up to 80 percent for 20 minutes of charging, as most ON Power charging stations charge 50kwh/hr. 40 minutes of charging should bring the battery close to full, so with that time in mind, you should schedule your stops.

Electric cars Iceland

One of the most urbanized areas in the world is Iceland. 94 percent of its population lives in urban areas, two-thirds in Reykjavik, the capital city. Moreover, for electric vehicles, its size is ideal; 500 km from west to east, and about 350 km from north to south. This implies that most journeys are well inside the EV range; on average, Icelandic car owners travel about 38 km per day.


So, for electric mobility, Iceland provides perfect prerequisites. While the electricity grid, geography, or demographics of Iceland could not be easily copied by other countries, some of Electric Cars Iceland spur policies could be transferred to other markets. In particular, the financial incentives provided to address cost disparities between EVs and traditional vehicles and the extension of the network of charging infrastructure to increase the comfort of EV users.

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