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Chic travel in Iceland

The harsh, sweeping vistas of the ‘Land of Fire and Ice’ are peppered with Chic travel Iceland points like volcanoes, thermal springs, geysers, waterfalls, fjords, glaciers, and lava fields. Panoramas on the island are one-of-a-kind.

Chic travel Iceland spots

The capital, Reykjavik, is home to the majority of Iceland’s people. The city is a booming cultural hub with plenty of museums, shops, pubs, and restaurants, and it’s the ideal starting point for exploring the surrounding area. Many sights are accessible from Reykjavik, and for those who want a bit more urban excitement, staying in the city for the length of your vacation is a fantastic alternative. Another fantastic option is to spend a night or two in the city and then travel to a more rural location to truly immerse yourself in the landscape’s natural splendor.

Take advantage of the opportunity to try some of the local cuisines while in Reykjavik; Icelandic cuisine has a lengthy history and includes several unique dishes. Although you should avoid products like the complete sheep’s head, smoked puffin strips, and fermented shark, the seafood is fresh and plentiful, and their lamb is claimed to be second to none.

When to go

Iceland is known for its extremes and variety, and the seasons are no exception. Summer days are longer and gentler than winter days, which are short and cold.

The Blue Lagoon

This naturally-formed geothermal spa, located in a lava field in Grindavik — a 15-minute drive from Keflavik airport – takes relaxing to new heights. The turquoise waters of the pool are filled with natural minerals and are supposed to have medicinal effects, while the peculiar white silica mud gently washes and exfoliates the skin while you bathe. Spend a few tranquil hours submerged in the pool, surrounded by nature’s magnificence, to replenish your mind, body, and spirit. The lagoon is a convenient stop-off at the beginning or finish of your tour due to its proximity to the airport.

chic travel iceland

The Golden Circle

This is a famous tourist route in Iceland and with good reason. The sweeping Thingvellir national park, the dramatic Geysir Geothermal Area, the majestic Gullfoss waterfall, and the vast Keri crater lake are all part of the circle, which is located in the southwest of the island.

While the Golden Circle is easily accessible from Reykjavik and can be completed in about six hours, it is also a great opportunity to rent a car and take some side trips to lesser-known but equally beautiful spots along the way. Extending the Golden Circle route will provide you with a genuine opportunity to escape the city and appreciate life in rural Iceland.  It is also believed that waking up to a large and tranquil view of mountains, lakes, and steaming springs is just as refreshing as a trip to the Blue Lagoon.

Southern Iceland

While the Golden Circle passes through the south of Iceland, nature enthusiasts who want to go deeper into the country will be rewarded. The famous Reynisfjara beach, with its black volcanic sands and unusual rock formations, Dyrhólaey – a majestic 120m high rock-arch home to a variety of bird species, including puffins – and Jökulsárlón – the memorable glacial lagoon – are all found on Iceland’s South Coast.

chic travel Iceland

The best time to head for Chic travel Iceland

  • The greatest time to see the Northern Lights is from October to March: the sky must be clean and dark for this unique occurrence to be visible; consequently, while they are visible in the summer, they are not visible due to the brightness of the sky.
  • If you enjoy hiking, the best time to visit is during the summer (May–September).


While Iceland’s nature is breathtaking, visitors are most surprised by the enormous diversity of landscapes. The scenery is characterised by breathtaking views and strong contrasts due to the country’s relatively young geological history and its location between two major tectonic plates. The country provides a unique and dramatic view of tectonic plates at work above ground, unlike anywhere else on the planet. Chic travel Iceland operators offer is the best travel around Iceland.

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