Remote Working in Iceland

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Remote working Iceland

If there is one major lifestyle change that we have all gone through this year, it is the adaptation to the work from home or the remote working system. Remote work can be defined as a working style that allows professionals to work outside of a traditional office set up. It is location-independent and is based on the concept that work does not need to be done in a specific place to be executed successfully. 

Advantages of Remote Working

While it has blended the barriers between personal and professional life, remote working comes with its own advantages. With a little bit of planning, this system has helped professionals stay much more involved in the daily activities of their family besides handling work. Moreover, thanks to this era of technological boom, people have also easily landed foreign clients with a higher pay since location has stopped being a factor now and all that matters is how efficient the professional is in delivering results. Some of the major skills that you must develop to smash your 2021 work goals is to manage a team remotely and learn to convince your team and clients without ever meeting them in person. In fact, many companies have even planned to permanently shift to a majorly remote working set up even post the pandemic since it is both budget friendly for the company as well as more convenient for the employees, saving them the hassle of travelling to office everyday from afar.

Remote Working in Iceland

All that being said, remote working too is work after all and it has its own set of lethargy and exhaustion associated with it. However, during this dire, dark time of lay-offs and salary cuts, one might not want to risk taking long leaves. So, make the best of both worlds! In case you have been craving for a long vacation that you haven’t been able to take for ages now, then Iceland is the place to be in! To help create a perfect balance between your work and travel requirements, Iceland has just rolled out its long-term visa policy for those who have flexibility and location independence with their work, enabling remote working in Iceland for its visitors. A remote working visa in Iceland is given for up to 180 days in between which you can balance your work as well as experience the serenity of this beautiful Nordic nation, providing you with your much needed break (and your employers would neither know nor care)!

Visa Requirements for Remote Working in Iceland

A visa for remote working in Iceland can be given to an individual if he/she belongs to a country that doesn’t require its citizens to hold a visa in Iceland for a stay of up to 90 days, the visa applicant has not been issued a long-term visa in the last 12 months by Icelandic authorities, the purpose of the stay is remote working in Iceland for a foreign company and proof of the fact that the applicant does not intend to reside in Iceland permanently for the long term. All visa applicants for remote working in Iceland must also be permanently employed by foreign companies and meet the additional health insurance requirements stipulated by Icelandic authorities during their stay. The applicant has to display evidence that their monthly income is between 1 million ISK to 1.3 million ISK, if they intend to apply for an accompanying spouse, cohabiting partner or children under the age of 18.

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