Iceland Apparel Companies

Iceland Apparel Companies

The clothing and fashion business in any country would have a direct link to the climatic conditions in that country. Iceland experiences cold weather throughout most of the year and the Iceland apparel companies focus on clothing to suit these conditions. That does not mean that the other types of apparels are not made but, the majority of companies would go with the demand prevalent in the market. The apparel industry is a vast sector with a variety of clothes being designed and made. The end-users of these clothing products are also divided into multiple categories; men, women, children, young old, formal, casual, and so on. The industry has to cater to all these categories.

Range of Varieties the Key Factor

The aspect of variety of apparel cannot be over-emphasized. Add to it the fact that within the apparel range, several will have short shelf lives. Fashion changes every year and every season even. The industry has to keep pace with these swift changes and continue to march on.

Iceland Apparel Companies

Some segments of Iceland apparel companies may also be making clothing and accessories for the sports sector. There is enough demand within the country and the opportunities for exporting are also available. In the category of children’s clothing, the demand may continue to exist since children grow faster and the parents will have to keep buying large sizes of apparel for them.

There is a category called technical clothing. This means designing clothes for a specific section of the population. The fisherfolk for instance would have to wear clothing of a certain type. Iceland has a significant fisherfolk population. You can include categories like uniforms for school children and factory workers to these as well.

Job Creation Feasible

The apparel industry is capable of employing a large workforce. The activities involved in the production of apparels are manifold. It starts with the design of the apparel. This field has benefitted a lot from technological advancements and intense competition has meant only the best designs can hope to survive in the market and sell more.

The actual production of apparels also involves many components and accessories being sourced and included. You have to have the fabric, the stitching essentials, and finishing the clothing. Finally, the apparels have to be packed professionally and shipped out. All these activities result in generating a set of ancillary units to support the Iceland apparel companies.

Some of the Top Apparel Brands in Iceland

Inklaw is a purely Icelandic apparel brand that has established itself over the years. The brand is more popular for its streetwear styles. They have been able to successfully take their apparel to overseas markets, including the USA.

Myrka is another homegrown Iceland apparel brand that reflects a lot of Icelandic cultures. The Myrka brand has not gone for mass production and distribution but remained an elite brand.

Eyglo is yet another brand of apparel you can buy in Iceland. 66° North is one of the oldest brands in the country having been established almost a hundred years back in 1926. They may be known now for premium fashion offerings, but they had much humbler beginnings.

Apart from the popular brands like these and the others, the everyday needs of warm clothing are met through handknitted woolens supported by the Handknitting Association of Iceland.

The Iceland apparel companies have also benefitted from an evolved retail trade to push their products. A boutique like Kiosk in Reykjavik has become a must-visit shopping destination for tourists in Iceland.

The future of the apparel industry in Iceland appears quite bright and more brands and companies may emerge. Many of them could be endeavors by enterprising youth of Iceland and some foreign brands setting shop here.

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