Fashion design in Iceland

Fashion Design in Iceland

Icelanders boast of certain ethnic dresses the people in these parts are used to wearing for centuries. The kind of climate available in Iceland dictates the clothing usually worn by men, women, and children throughout the country. That does not however mean that the Icelanders have not embraced the latest in fashion clothing. On the contrary, fashion design in Iceland is quite an evolved field. The capital city Reykjavik witnesses the arrival of millions of tourists throughout the year from around the world and this enables a healthy trend of the local fashion designers adopting the latest in the world.

Encouraging Local Designs While Welcoming Global Inputs

Iceland’s fashion industry has grown wide enough to accept the best in fashion from the fashion capitals of the world, like Paris, Milan, and New York. However, Icelandic fashion too has its place in the catalog of the leading lights in fashion design in Iceland. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that there is the Museum of Design and Applied Art in Iceland. One of the objectives of this museum is to identify and preserve Icelandic design since its evolution. They also fund research studies in the field of fashion design.

Fashion design in Iceland

You will not miss this thin line that links the traditional attire to suit the clod weather conditions and the trendy designs that reflect the best and the latest in clothing. It must be pointed out once again that Reykjavik leads the culture largely due to it being the largest city in Iceland and a majority of Icelanders live there.

Massive Academic Support

It cannot be denied that the younger minds are full of creative ideas and they need to be mentored effectively to bring out those ideas. The universities in Iceland offer many courses for aspiring fashion designers so that fashion design in Iceland keeps growing in the right direction. The best way to bring out newer ideas is to bring new people into the world of fashion design. They can do their own experimentation and if what they produce is good, it will get accepted.

Designing is only one aspect of the overall fashion industry. The best designs are then chosen for the production of the dresses. Without a strong garment making industry merely churning out designs cannot go places. Iceland has had a steady increase in this segment also. The Iceland Academy of the Arts has been a leading institution backing the fashion designing industry in Iceland.

Products Other Than Clothing

The field of fashion design in Iceland does not confine itself to just clothing. It goes beyond. Iceland has a tradition of jewelry, like the filigree jewelry that is part of the attire of the Icelanders over the years. The unique designs of this jewelry are integrated into the new designs that are produced now. This has ensured that the products coming out of the production centers find a ready market within Iceland. There is a distinct market for these fashion products in the export market as well.

Innovative Ideas in Materials in Fashion Design in Iceland

Large fishing industry in Iceland has meant there is the availability of fish leather. It has caught the fancy of the designers and is a sought-after material for fashion designers. If there is any shortage of materials the production houses import them.

Fashion design in Iceland

The fashion designers have to consider the environment also while designing apparel or other products. So, they include ecologically safe items in their designs. It is easier to procure such items and the wasted ones can be recycled. This concept is taken beyond the clothing range into many other products that are designed.

There are special events held in Iceland with international participation in fashion designing.


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