Sales Manager in Iceland

Sales Manager in Iceland

A sales manager’s function is very important to any business, small, medium, or large. It is only through the orders generated through the efforts of the sales manager that the business thrives. The management in most organizations therefore assigns a lot of importance to the process of selecting sales managers for their respective companies. In terms of the job profile, a sales manager in Iceland would not be very different from what a sales manager does elsewhere.

A Sales Manager’s Key Areas of Responsibility

The typical key areas of responsibility (KRAs) for a sales manager would include

  • Increasing the sales volumes
  • Managing the company’s sales force
  • Create and follow the company’s sales policy and strategy
  • Keep the management informed of the sales figures periodically
  • Develop a good rapport with the company’s important customers
  • Ensure the payments for supplies are duly collected
  • Be an active participant in the overall management of the organization

Inherent in these above-listed responsibilities is the requirement that the sales manager in Iceland should have the qualifications and experience to be successful. Most companies would insist that for direct recruitment at the level of sales manager, the candidate should possess a few years of experience in the same position handling either the same products or very similar.

Understanding the Product Very Essential

It is quite justified for companies to want the ideal candidate for the job of a sales manager must have handled a similar product like theirs. Thorough knowledge of the product is an essential trait the sales manager must-have. This is one reason many companies prefer an engineering qualification for a sales manager though the job itself is more commercial in nature. Many products have a technical angle to them and while meeting the purchase executives of prospective customers, the sales manager should not be found wanting on the technical aspects of the product.

Sales Manager in Iceland

There is also the need to be knowledgeable about the geography where the products are to be sold. If the position is for Iceland, a local Icelander would do a better job.

Having a specialized degree or diploma in sales management is another requirement preferred by recruiters of sales manager in Iceland. Apart from product knowledge, handling situations as an important functional head requires the sales manager to be familiar with the basic principles of management. Preparing sales projections, working out costs, and making reports all become easier if the person has had the academic background that deals with these.

Recruiting A Sales Manager

If you run a business in Iceland and wish to recruit a sales manager in Iceland, Swapp Agency would be the right agency to help you. The agency would first hold a round of discussions to understand your requirements and then get down to selecting the right candidates for you.

The course adopted by Swapp is to advertise the position through the various channels available to them. They will make use of the social media platforms also to reach the message to as many deserving candidates as possible. As an agency with years of experience behind them, Swapp can dig into their database to check if there are resumes of sales managers already registered with them.

Sales Manager in Iceland

Once they have shortlisted a few candidates with matching profiles, they will hold preliminary stage interviews with them to know if they would measure up to your company’s needs. There has to be a cultural fit as well.

The final 3 or 4 candidates will then be bound over to you for meeting and making the final decisions. The salary and other terms of appointment can then be negotiated and the letter of appointment issued. At each stage, the HR agency will be available to you for consultations.

You can take the help of Swapp Agency in other areas of HR services as well.