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In 1971 Össur Kristinsson, a prosthetist created Ossur. He was from Iceland. Since 1999, Össur was made public by the Iceland Stock Exchange by the members that owned the company. Össur focused its expertise and skills on individuals for making them secure, healthy, and mobile, irrespective of threats to their lives or conditions. The goal of Össur is to enhance

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HR Consulting in Iceland

Human resources form an important part of any business organization. Recruiting people for the various functions and handling their requirements are of a special nature. Professional agencies have taken over these responsibilities and they are all clubbed under one category, HR consulting in Iceland. This is an all-encompassing field. It goes beyond just handling the recruitments of personnel on behalf

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Kerecis – Overview In the internationally expanding cellular therapy and infection prevention industries, Kerecis is a leader in the use of fish skin and fatty acids. The fatty-acid-rich intact fish skin of Kerecis protects the tissues of the body and helps it to regenerate tissues. The sprayable topical and oral fatty-acid formulations of Kerecis protect the body from bacterial and

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Technology Metals in Iceland

When Iceland and metals are discussed together, it ought to be about aluminum. Iceland is one of the largest producers of aluminum in the world. The major reason for this is that the country can offer electricity at low prices and aluminum smelters consume a huge amount of electric power. It is said in a lighter vein that for an

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Iceland Apparel Companies

The clothing and fashion business in any country would have a direct link to the climatic conditions in that country. Iceland experiences cold weather throughout most of the year and the Iceland apparel companies focus on clothing to suit these conditions. That does not mean that the other types of apparels are not made but, the majority of companies would go

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Omnom Chocolate

If the idea of celebrating this year’s Jólabókaflód or ‘a flood of books’, (an Icelandic Christmas Eve tradition) wrapped in a cosy blanket with a warm drink and some chocolates to bring in the festive cheer sounds just about right to you, then read on. Icelander take their sweets very seriously and Omnom chocolate is one it. Considering its chilly

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Fintech in Iceland

Fintech is a phrase used to represent technology-based finance companies. The financial sector embraced technology quite rapidly and many financial transactions that were carried out physically are now done through the electronic form. Banking operations, for example, making payments by cheques is no longer the norm, but the exception. This applies to the business to business (B2B) and peer to

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Geothermal Energy in Iceland

Geothermal energy is a kind of boon to Iceland. While countries around the world are straining their resources to convert their old and polluting power plants running on coal or other fossil fuel, the Nordic country has been naturally blessed with geothermal energy in abundance. The country has a volcano and it transmits heat to the earth and water in

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Fashion Design in Iceland

Icelanders boast of certain ethnic dresses the people in these parts are used to wearing for centuries. The kind of climate available in Iceland dictates the clothing usually worn by men, women, and children throughout the country. That does not however mean that the Icelanders have not embraced the latest in fashion clothing. On the contrary, fashion design in Iceland

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Financial Advisor in Iceland

The role of a financial advisor has many dimensions. There are corporate bodies that seek the help of financial advisors to manage their finances efficiently. Some financial advisors offer their expertise to individual amateur investors so that they can grow their wealth judiciously. A typical financial advisor in Iceland can operate as an individual professional or be part of a

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Swapp Agency is an innovative recruitment firm in Reykjavik that focuses on helping people find jobs and companies to fill their openings in Iceland.

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