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Army Services in Iceland

You may be surprised to learn that Iceland does not have an army in the full sense of the term. Its sea borders are secured by the Icelandic Coast Guard and there are naval aircraft to secure the skies. But that does not mean the country is defenseless. Iceland is a member of NATO and this association entitles the country

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Digital Nomad in Iceland

Technological advancements bring with them innovative lifestyles. A digital nomad in Iceland is one such phenomenon you would not have imagined. A digital nomad, if you are not familiar, is the professional who travels around, in this case in Iceland, but is also doing his or her work. In one narrow sense, this can be described as the good old

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Event Management in Iceland

Iceland has so much to offer as a tourist destination that companies involved with offering their services in event management in Iceland have their hands full. International tourists prefer to travel in groups, particularly from Asian countries like Japan and China. They would hire a local agency to chaperon the teams around the country in an organized way. This saves

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Taxes in Iceland

Iceland is one of those countries intending to break through the clutter and stand out as the preferred investment destination. The rates of taxation in the country are moderate, neither too high nor too low. It is always a difficult call to make for the governments, whether in Iceland or any other country. They have to balance between revenues and

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Seafood Industry in Iceland

The fishing industry and the seafood sector is critical to Iceland’s overall economy. The country has established the Directorate of Fisheries to monitor the industry. There is a lot of research carried out to assess the fish population and those engaged in fishing are advised on the allowable catch. The research part is carried under the aegis of the Icelandic

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