Executive Search in Iceland

Executive Search in Iceland

Organizations keep looking out for skilled and committed manpower and many qualified people are desperately searching for the right organization to work for. The bridge between them is the executive search firms. The field of executive search in Iceland is quite evolved. There are specialist agencies like Swapp, who understand the precise need of their customer organizations and recommend suitable candidates for them. There are different models at work in this process. The client companies could place their requirements with the executive search firm. The candidates can approach the firms to get them placed suitably.

The Manpower Agencies Maintain a Database

The way the manpower recruitment firms operate is to create a database of candidates stores them in a particular order for easy retrieval later. This could be in function-wise folders or the levels-wise. When the organizations send out their requirements for executive search in Iceland, they may wish to recruit executives at different levels. There are executives, managers, vice presidents, and so on. The Iceland firm that is handling the executive search would first access its database to know if there are suitable candidates. If they don’t find sufficient numbers or the right fits, then they will have to resort to advertising the position.

The Process Employed by the Executive Search Firms

The best firms engaged in executive search would have a professional way of approaching the task. Once the client company conveys its requirements and agrees to the fees etc., the work at the agency will be commenced. As mentioned, the existing database with the agency would be first checked. If no suitable candidates emerge, the position will be advertised.

There are multiple channels now available for the agency to reach the details to the prospective candidates. The agency may have a mailing list of executives and they will be sent a detailed mail describing the position, a brief introduction of the company hiring and the salary offered.

Executive Search in Iceland

If the position has to be advertised, there again there are several options. There online job search platforms that can be used by the firm handling executive search in Iceland to post the requirement. Those in search of assignments would be checking these sites for openings. Many of them have a system of sending job alerts where the candidates’ profiles match with the requirements.

It is then left to the candidate to get in touch with the executive search firm. Once they get a sufficient number of candidates, the agency will get down to the next steps.

They will first screen the CVs received and make phone calls to the candidates to form a preliminary opinion on the candidate’s suitability for the position advertised. The shortlisted candidates will then be put through a series of tests to evaluate them further. These can include a psychometric test, and to assess the personality of the individual.

The formal interviews will then follow, first by the company handling executive search in Iceland and then along with the client company’s executives. As the last step, the person is appointed by the company.

Some of the manpower recruitment companies offer additional services like salary structuring and drafting the letter of appointment. Iceland’s laws dictate that a letter of appointment has to be issued to the employees. Many companies have collective bargaining and collective agreements. However, individual employees will still have to be issued the letters of appointment. Again, in many cases, there are terms discussed and agreed to between the employers and employees beyond the collective agreements.

Executive Search in Iceland

Employers new to Iceland and not familiar with the conditions in Iceland will find these agencies very useful in guiding them through these processes.

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