Office space in Iceland

Office space in Iceland

Office Space in Iceland

Iceland’s and in particular Reykjavik’s landscape has undergone a huge transformation in the past few years. The country has economy did suffer a setback in 2008 when there was a global meltdown, but after that, it has not turned back. Foreign investors are setting up their operations in Iceland and there are many Icelandic business ventures too that have come up. All this has meant the need for office space in Iceland has been constantly growing. Reykjavik takes the lion’s share in this for obvious reasons. If you have an interest in knowing more about hiring space in Iceland for your business, read on.

The Whole Range is Available

When you start scouting for office space you will find that the choice available to you is quite vast. You can choose exclusive office rentals or a private area within an office or co-working spaces. There are professional firms that specialize in this segment and they can be contacted for suggesting to you the appropriate solution.

Office space in Iceland

There are customized solutions where you can get an office done up to meet your requirements. The nature of your business and the number of employees at different levels will be key to your making this decision. Customer-facing organizations and where there are frequent meetings held in the office will mean you need a larger space and the interior has to be top-class. If you are a small unit with limited public interaction, then the requirement for office space in Iceland would be different.

If you picked up the right agency, they may do all that for you without charging you anything upfront. They will work out the rental agreement in a way that these costs are amortized over a period. This is a win-win situation for both. As the tenant, it gives you the freedom to hold on to your capital and invest in the business. The higher monthly rental costs can be managed if the business grows faster.

Co-Working Spaces Becoming Very Popular

The concept of co-working space is fast catching up with the young entrepreneurs in Iceland. The advantage of this arrangement is you can occupy commercial office space for the limited duration you want and pay for that. You are assured of a decent office with a ‘plug and play’ facility including Wi-Fi connectivity. You can use the meeting rooms if you need to hold meetings with your customers. Check the facilities offered and the tariff online and inspect the property before deciding to hire office space in Iceland.

Office space in Iceland

Check if the office is heated, it has a printer and scanner. These are the basic requirements. You will also find they offer free coffee and allow y0u 24/7 access. This may become important if you work odd hours and nee the office to stay in touch with your overseas clients.

You Should Find the Right Agency

Searching for and finalizing office space in Iceland is not a very cumbersome process. However, if you do not belong to Iceland and not familiar with the terrain, you will need the assistance of a good agency that can take you through the various steps. Icelanders are by nature quite cooperative and friendly and with the wealth of information available online, it is far easier to identify the right property at the appropriate cost. Reykjavik is already a crowded place and the location of your office can be an issue. If distances do not matter you can move upcountry and look for better, larger, and cheaper accommodation for your office. If you are going to be employing a lot of people, their daily commute to the office has also to be factored in.

If you need any assistance in Iceland for office space or other help, contact Swapp Agency.