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Event Management in Iceland

Iceland has so much to offer as a tourist destination that companies involved with offering their services in event management in Iceland have their hands full. International tourists prefer to travel in groups, particularly from Asian countries like Japan and China. They would hire a local agency to chaperon the teams around the country in an organized way. This saves them the effort at managing different requirements like their accommodation, local travel and hiring a guide for sightseeing, etc. They leave these to the event management company which then takes over and handles everything smoothly.

What Do They Do?

If you are wondering what an event management company in Iceland or anywhere else does, here’s a brief list of activities they can handle.

  • Finding and finalizing venues for the event in Iceland or even internationally
  • Take care of the event production
  • Managing the complete event onsite
  • Promote the event through multiple channels/media
  • Manage the booking of accommodation for the participants/performers
  • Provide complete logistics solutions, including receiving the guests
  • Catering management
  • Keep a watch over the budget and matters financial relevant to the event
  • Hold evaluation meetings -pre-event for preparedness and post-event for submitting a report

These are key areas and each of them may involve meticulous planning and perfect and timely execution. Assigning the different tasks to the members of the team is very critical to making sure the event is conducted without any glitches.

Event Management in Iceland for Corporate Clients

Many large organizations fly out their senior executives on a pleasure business trip to Iceland. It is the firms experienced in event management in Iceland that do the hand-holding of these trips. The clients will send them the details of the arrival and departure of their executives and the rest is left to the agency to manage. Here, the ‘event’ part may not be a one-spot or location event but spread across the country. The company may want its executives to be taken on a guided tour after their formal conferences or training sessions are over. This may be in small batches or the entire lot in one go. These depend on how many participants the company deputes.

Event Management in Iceland

There maybe requirements for a company entrusted with event management in Iceland to help in organizing the official programs for the executives. These can include management games or arranging the audio-visual equipment to show videos to them.

Technology Deployed to the Full

Managing events of any nature involve coordination among the team members and keeping the clients in the loop on the progress being made. Nobody likes last-minute changes being made or important things being left out of the schedule. Technology is therefore used by the agencies handling event management in Iceland at every stage. They have moved a step further and developed dedicated websites for each event and apps that help the delegates to the event from beginning to end. The website helps with making online registrations to the event and the data being captured and integrated with the flight information and hotel accommodation. These are then shared with the reception committee and the hospitality committee. They can ensure the delegates are received and put up in hotels as per the plan.

All these add to the quality of service being offered and the clients would be quite pleased with the efforts made by the agency.

The New Age Virtual Events

The Coronavirus pandemic has taught the business community many new things and holding events is no exception. The event management firms are flooded with requests to organize virtual events with a moderator and participants from across the globe taking part. There are many challenges involved in setting up events of this nature but the agencies rise to it.

If you need help with any of these activities, contact Swapp Agency.