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Digital Nomad in Iceland

Technological advancements bring with them innovative lifestyles. A digital nomad in Iceland is one such phenomenon you would not have imagined. A digital nomad, if you are not familiar, is the professional who travels around, in this case in Iceland, but is also doing his or her work. In one narrow sense, this can be described as the good old mixing business with pleasure. All that the individual needs is a laptop and hope that there will be a Wi-Fi connection whenever it is time for some work. Iceland would be the ideal place for the nomad since it has such beautiful places to see and enjoy.

Just Pack and Be on Your Way

The advantage for a digital nomad in Iceland is he or she doesn’t have to sweat it out packing for the trip. Pack your backpack with minimal clothing and some essentials. The ‘digital’ part is more important. The laptop has to be there. You should remember to take the adapter/charger. You have to have a mobile phone charger as well. Would you be required to make video calls or Skype calls? You should then preferably carry the headphones as well. You can pack a power bank as well for that occasion when you are on the road and your phone runs out of battery power.

Why Choose Iceland as a Digital Nomad?

As mentioned, Iceland has great places to visit. The capital Reykjavik itself will keep you engrossed with its sights and sounds. You can relish the modern architecture of structures and buildings. The people of Iceland are quite friendly and you would want to engage in conversation with them. Many speak English fluently. As a digital nomad in Iceland, you will be able to learn a lot during your stay. If you want to create a blog or a series of blogs on the different aspects of the country, you can keep noting those interesting tit-bits. These will be useful while writing blogs. If your interests include photography, you can carry your camera or use the smartphone to click pictures and videos. You can create stories with these images and videos on your Instagram page or on the Facebook wall.

Digital Nomad in Iceland

You can involve some local people also in your stories if they are willing to be photographed. It will make for some interesting reading for your friends and family back home. You may also find fellow digital nomads in Iceland. Whether you find a nice B & B to stay in or can afford a proper hotel, you may find people with similar interests and it will be time well spent. You can choose to store all the information and make the posts on social media later after you reach home and settled well.

Work Goes On

The very essence of a trip like this is that you don’t lose sight of your work. Whether you are the boss or you report to one, you can make yourself digitally available to them all the time. Iceland’s interior also has good internet infrastructure and you are assured of staying connected. Even if you can’t locate a suitable Wi-Fi connection, your smartphone’s tethering feature can be employed to connect your laptop for work.

Things You Can Do When in Iceland

If you love marine diversity, you can book a whale watching trip and enjoy the monster animals gliding through the waters. There are day tours available like the Glacier tours. You can attempt the dry suit snorkel/dive and so on.

Digital Nomad in Iceland

Enjoy the food that the different parts of Iceland have to offer. You may notice some prices higher than what you are used to back home, wherever you are coming from.

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