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Coworking spaces in Iceland

Co working is a concept that has grown over the past few years, thanks largely to two or three factors. One is the ever-shrinking urban space has made office space scarce in major cities. The other is there are young and budding entrepreneurs who may not have sufficient capital to launch their businesses and to rent out office space on their own. Co working space is the ideal choice for them to carry an office address on their calling cards. The most important reason for the growth of co working space as a business is the virtual mode of working or the remote workplace. You can be located anywhere, but still, be doing your work. Coworking spaces in Iceland can be found in Reykjavik and a few more cities.

Some of the Facilities in the Co Working Spaces

When you walk into a typical co working facility, it would appear like any office with tables and chairs or workstations and meeting rooms and reception in front, etc. The only difference is those working there do not belong to a single organization. Each one would have hired the space for a limited duration. So, for a fraction of the amount they would have had to incur in hiring office space and then pay a rental and bear the other overhead costs, here they get an office space. The place would be generally air-conditioned, you may have a coffee bending machine from which you can draw and consume as many cups of coffee you desire at no extra cost, and so on. You wish to meet someone in confidence, you will find conference rooms for that. Coworking spaces in Iceland also offer these and perhaps more.

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Other Support Facilities

For you to stay connected with your workplace you will need a good internet connection. The co working spaces provide you that. Some have a pantry or a kitchen where you can quickly warm up your food and eat. Some of these facilities may be offering more, some less.There is a healthy competition to attract regular customers and this prompts the coworking spaces in Iceland to add a few more facilities. These could include a photocopying machine where you can make copies for a fee. Some of these co working spaces host artists and other professional service providers. They offer the space to hold an event if they need and invite their prospective clients. The bottom line is you can hire an office space and enjoy the facilities for a fixed charge.

The Digital Nomads – Biggest Beneficiaries

Of the several kinds of people who use the coworking spaces in Iceland, the digital nomads form a major part. These are typical IT professionals on the move and keep devoting a part of the day to work. They would require the same inputs as a good Wi-Fi connection to do their work. The co working space gives them an added comfort instead of a hotel room or other places of stay. Some of these facilities allow 24-hour access to their facility. This is an added advantage since many of the digital nomads could be working on a different time scale to their main places of work. If they are required to join a virtual meeting or conference at an odd hour when in Iceland the co working space would be very useful.

Coworking iceland

Reykjavik the Major Location

If you count all the facilities offering co working spaces in Iceland, you may find the capital, Reykjavik housing most of them. Thingeyri, Patreksfjordur, and Kopavogur are the other towns in Iceland you will find co working spaces. You can check their rates and hire space when you need them.

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