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Shelf company in Iceland | Swapp Agency - Start a Business in Iceland!

Shelf companies are sought after for a number of reasons. It helps speed up the process of setting up new companies, as well as allowing better access to commercial credit and loans. However, setting up, maintaining and purchasing shelf companies can often be a confusing business and requires careful consulting. Iceland is the 13th country in the economic freedom ranking, making it one of the best countries to set up a business in. Swapp Agency can assist you with business setup in Iceland.

Shelf companies and jumpstarting businesses in Iceland

Shelf companies are companies that are formed and, after it has been established and “aged”, is sold off. There are several reasons why you would look to purchase a shelf company. It is a good way of getting ahead with a startup company by purchasing a pre-existing company rather than building one from the ground up. This allows you to skip tedious and time consuming paperwork and jump start your business ideas as soon as you have purchased the company.

Shelf company in Iceland

Iceland is a particularly optimal country to set up a business, whether it with the intent of running it or of aging it and selling it to a potential buyer. Such company models benefit from jurisdictions with low taxes and regulations and where businesses can thrive. Economic freedom is thus one of the most important factors when it comes to the decision of where to set up a new business. Iceland is the 13th country with the most economic freedom in the world, having climbed several places in the ranking in the past decade. It is also a powerful economy, with its GDP expanding at a healthy rate thanks in part to the lax economic regulations it enjoys.

With the right legal and economic advice, we can coach you along every step of the way in setting up your own business or purchasing an aged corporation in Iceland so you can enjoy the benefits of being an entrepreneur in one of the most dynamic and modern economies in the world.

Shelf companies can be a good investment, but in order to separate legitimate companies which will get you the benefits you expect from companies which will underperform, careful assessment of each individual case is essential. Swapp Agency has expertise in financial, retail, and many other markets of Iceland, as well as the necessary skillsets and experience you need in order to make an informed decision regarding any prospective business projects in Iceland. We can also offer you legal advice regarding local legislation in the subject of company purchasing.

Get in touch with Icelandic professionals

To have an extensive consultancy on shelf companies, including how to set a business up and how to purchase aged businesses, contact Swapp Agency. We are a leading group of experts in diverse fields. Our professional team will be happy to assist you throughout the process of setting up a business in Iceland. Swapp Agency will be able to assist you with every step of the way.



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