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Augmented staffing

Iceland’s unique economic, environmental and educational characteristics have provided her with a great number of engineers and technology developers which can enrich your staff with the talents your projects require. Thanks to modern technology, staff augmentation has become one of the leading models of outsourcing in the world, providing your company with the required abilities without the hassle of recruiting a full-time employee. Swapp Agency will be able to guide you throughout the process of hiring Icelandic developers and engineers, as well as any other individuals with the specific background your project requirs through augmented staffing in Iceland.

Augmenting staff in Iceland, a rich talent pool

Staff augmentation is quickly becoming a main pillar of the modern global economy. It allows companies to hire talent from anywhere in the world, allowing managers to recruit people with the best skills regardless of their geographic location. In an increasingly competitive and globalized economy, augmenting your team will give you an edge over others.

This model of outsourcing is superior to others due to its flexibility and efficiency. As a manager, you will have the opportunity to personally review the potential candidates to join your team. Those who join will be able to lend their abilities and be focused on the project at hand, rather than have their attention divided over many project. This allows the most efficient use of your human capital.

Augmented staff in Iceland

Another important benefit is the cost efficiency per hired employee. Since most work will be done remotely, there will be no expenses related to office spaces, workstations or transportation. IT companies and software developers are especially suited for this model of outsourcing, as the world in general, and Iceland in particular, is experiencing a rise in demand for technology related jobs.

Iceland’s local talent market is able to supply your team with the technical know-how and professional background any modern project needs. Iceland has become a hub for engineering education, as well as a paradise for data centers and software development. Icelandic engineers, software developers and professionals have skillsets which will adapt and enrich any team they form a part of.

No matter where your company is located, Iceland is always a good choice for those teams which seek that extra edge in technical ability and professional skillsets which will make it stand out from all other competitors. Having a rich history of engineering as well as becoming one of the main hubs for software development in Europe, having an Icelander on your team will set your company aside from the rest.

Augmented staff in Iceland

Staff augmentation is the outsourcing model of today and tomorrow. In an increasingly globalized economy, where teams can work across the world through the Internet, the demand for skilled workers will surpass national frontiers. Iceland is ready to meet that demand, and Swapp Agency will help you dip your hands in that talent pool.

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To have an extensive consultancy on staff augmentation, contact Swapp Agency. We are a leading group of experts in diverse fields. Our professional team will be happy to assist you throughout the process of hiring talented Icelandic developers, engineers and other local experts. Regardless of the industry or sector, we are prepared to solve all your inquiries.