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5G in Iceland

Whether or not you are well-informed on tech matters, you have definitely heard the term 5G in the last year or so. The next giant leap in cellular data is already starting to make its way around the world, and it seems as though it’s just a matter of time till it’s considered the new normal.  Although 5G has been

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Patents and Trademarks in Iceland

As with many other laws, Iceland has simply followed the legal protection given to intellectual property rights (IPR) from the European model. Iceland has signed the Paris Union Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property, which means businesses operating in Iceland and have registered their patents and trademarks in Iceland enjoy the same protections as they would in any other

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Labor law in Iceland

Iceland has enacted laws to govern the way employers treat their employees in their respective establishments. The term ‘collective bargaining agreement’ is usually heard often in the context of the labor law in Iceland. It is understood that close to 90%, or even more, of the workforce at various levels in the country are covered by the collective bargaining agreements.

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Iceland Logistics companies

Logistics solutions are an integral part of the business in any economy. In a country like Iceland, where plenty of cross border trade also takes place, the Iceland logistics companies have a critical role to play. Being a relatively small country, most of the foreign trade is centered around the capital city Reykjavik. Imports into and exports out of Iceland

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Iceland Electricity Companies

Iceland has a very robust energy sector with almost 100% of its electricity production through renewable sources like hydroelectric power and geothermal power. The power generated for geothermal sources forms the bulk of this. The per capita generation of electricity in Iceland is almost ten times more than that prevails in Europe. The average per capita electricity produced in Europe

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Public Relations in Iceland

Whenever public relations in Iceland is brought up, most people recall the 2012 incident of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupting in Iceland causing huge disruptions all over. The PR exercise mounted by the Iceland government then along with the key stakeholders is still remembered fondly. Iceland was staring at a bleak future following the volcano eruption since tourists would have canceled

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Coworking spaces in Iceland

Co working is a concept that has grown over the past few years, thanks largely to two or three factors. One is the ever-shrinking urban space has made office space scarce in major cities. The other is there are young and budding entrepreneurs who may not have sufficient capital to launch their businesses and to rent out office space on

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Bookkeeping in Iceland

Bookkeeping is an essential part of any business, big or small. Recording every expense incurred in the course of the business becomes important. The frequency and volume of bookkeeping can vary based on the size of the organization and how often it incurs any financial transaction. You can avail of the services for bookkeeping in Iceland as part of an

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Angel Investing in Iceland

You may not have heard a lot about angel investors from Iceland. One reason could be they have not been written about in international financial magazines or other media. There does exist an angel investor’s community in Iceland and many entrepreneurs are benefiting from their investments in their startups. For the uninitiated, angel investors are individuals who are willing to

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Location Scouting in Iceland

Location Scouting in Iceland If you watch movies and TV shows like the Game of Thrones regularly, you are probably familiar with the sights and sounds of the Nordic country Iceland. The country has turned into one of the most go-to destinations for film producers and directors. They see a lot of value in shooting their films in the

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