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Construction in Iceland

The architecture and construction style of Iceland is very particular and unique. While it draws from Scandinavian influences, it was influenced by the lack of native trees on the island. Stone and later concrete became popular building materials. In addition, grass- and turf-covered houses are not uncommon to see. Currently, The Iceland Construction Authority is in charge of planning, controlling and enforcing of laws and regulations. Swapp Agency will be able to guide you throughout the process of getting in touch with local authorities, engineers, or architects for any inquiry you may have.

Construction in Iceland, land of futuristic projects

In case you are looking for current regulations or taxes to start building in the country, these are two examples of things you should take into account. First, the Building Safety Fee and secondly, The Electrical Safety Department watch.

The Building safety fee shall be 0.045‰ of the insurance amount of property insured against fire, whether the insurance is pure fire insurance or a composed insurance including insurance against fire. While you won’t pay directly this tax, the insurer will surely pass it to you in terms of cost.

construction in Iceland

The Electrical safety department issues authorization to electrical contractors, handles recording and investigation of accidents and damage from electrical causes. You won’t be able to continue without their authorization.

Iceland is at the moment one of the most futuristic places to construct. Sustainable criteria dominates building trends and 100% renewable energy projects are the rule of the land. The laws and regulations regarding these matters have not been translated to English and nearly all is only produced in Icelandic and has created a barrier for other countries to learn from the experience of Iceland. However, at Swapp Agency we are trying to break that trend and export the core know-how of sustainable building projects.

One example of this is the Reinventing Cities global competition for innovative carbon-free and resilient urban projects, where a group of Icelandic professionals won the first price with their development called “Basalt”. Iceland´s capital city, Reykjavík, owes its very name to geothermal swells, exuding steam from the ground. The hidden powers beneath the site feed much of Reykjavík´s heating grid, yet this remarkable system is mostly hidden from sight, and therefore from mind. The project brings back to light this magnificent power by incorporating visual, tactile, hands-on features into the design of both site and building. This way, the project ensures that the city’s relationship with nature is brought thoroughly back to mind.

construction in Iceland

The co-living concept harmonizes with the bourgeoning demand for a simpler lifestyle with fewer possessions and more sharing. Furthermore, it provides residents with the opportunity to interact with plants as part of their daily lives, while raising their awareness of the natural resources that make this possible.

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To have an extensive consultancy relating ESG models and sustainability in construction or regarding construction or development of project in the country, contact Swapp Agency. We are a leading group of experts in diverse fields. Our professional team will be happy to assist you throughout the process of getting to know procedures, mechanisms and models in the implementation of ESG criteria or with Laws & Regulation of Iceland. Regardless of the industry or sector, we are prepared to solve all your inquiries.