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Doing Business in Iceland

Why Savvy Investors Are Doing Business in Iceland Iceland is an extremely beautiful country with a multitude of diverse landscapes, and it is often thought of as a vacation destination. But Iceland has much more to offer than its scenic beauty. Iceland has been renowned for its economic advancements, stability and technological innovations. It has consistently been regarded as one

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Employer of Record in Iceland

One positive thing to come out of recent times is the realisation that you are no longer limited to just one pool of potential hires as an employer. Gone are the days where your employee catchment area is dictated by the geographical location in which your business is based. You can now look for the best employee globally, which can

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Swapp Agency is an innovative recruitment firm in Reykjavik that focuses on helping people find jobs and companies to fill their openings in Iceland.

Swapp offers a range of services to their clients in operational supports.


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